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Title: 台北地區街頭藝人之研究
The Study of Street Performers in Taipei
Authors: 曾肅良博士
Su-Liang Jseng
Liu Jing-Fang
Keywords: 街頭藝人
street performance
street performing art
street art
Street performers
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: 街頭藝人在台灣地區目前正處於剛起步的階段,許多法規的訂定與推動,在實際的執行上也仍存有許多問題。本論文試著從過去中國雜記的發展到西方中世紀的黑暗時代著手,尋找有關街頭藝人過去發展的蛛絲馬跡,找出街頭藝人存在的功能與意義,並作為了解街頭藝人的基礎。 本文針對20世紀之後的街頭藝人蓬勃發展,依照當時的文化、經濟等各項背景歸納街頭藝人蓬勃發展的原因。論述內容從大環境的觀察在縮小到台灣地區的街頭藝人發展,從街頭藝人相關管理制度原先既有的申請制及審核制著手進行研究,透過25個縣市政府主管單位的聯繫及街頭藝人協會的拜訪、街頭藝人的訪問等各方面了解,加以不定時前往個案地點實際觀察,提出所觀察的問題及其解決方法,希望為將來街頭藝人的研究能留下值得參考的資料。
Currently in Taiwan, the street artists are only at the start up stage. Many laws’ target and promotions still encounter many problems over its execution. From the development of Eastern acrobatics to Western medieval, this thesis intends to find the traces of street artist, their function, and their purposes. Also, it will attempt to understand their basis. The essay aims at the great expansion of street artist in the 20th century according to its culture, its economic, and the others possible affected reasons. It slowly describes the expansion of the street artists from a much broader picture to a smaller area such as Taiwan; it studies from Street artists related managements regime on its original application and examination through 25 municipalities governments’ contact windows, through some visits at some Street Artists’ Society, through street artists’ interviews, etc. In addition, some actual physical observations of each case study will also allow us to raise questions base on some observation and its solutions. Hopefully, this essay will become a valuable reference material for the study of the street artists.
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