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Title: 台灣地方文化館輔導機制之研究
The Studies of the Guidance of Local Cultural Museum in Taiwan
Authors: 曾肅良
Keywords: 地方文化館
local cultural museum
community empowerment
Issue Date: 2007
Abstract: 2002年「地方文化館計畫」的推動,使得各地開始重視地方文化的呈現,並期待其能帶動各地的觀光文化產業,促使在地經濟繁榮。經過了6年的推動,全國各地共成立了超過270所的地方文化館,成績相當的豐碩,但在這豐碩成果的背後,卻也背負著「蚊子館」的名聲。而地方文化館計畫也因「蚊子館」的議題而躍上文化版面。 事實上蚊子館的議題從地方文化館計畫提出前便已存在,而文化館的提出其目的之一即為了消滅所謂的蚊子館舍。更配合規劃「地方文化館輔導機制」,以期促使各地方文化館能永續經營。雖然文建會一再強調所指非其所補助之地方文化館,但經過新聞媒體的報導及批評,無論所指的館舍是否為所補助館舍,筆者認為「地方文化館輔導機制」實有檢討之必要。 本文將從台灣地方文化館計畫的發展脈絡出發,首先了解整體計畫的歷史發展及現階段成果;另也針對地方文化館輔導機制進行發展系統演變的比較。透過二者歷史重建及理論的重整與分析,以了解地方文化館計畫的整體規劃執行策略及問題。此外筆者也將以苗栗縣及高雄市地方文化館輔導團隊為案例進行實際案例訪談,透過實際訪談了解各地操作的思維及實際問題,透過理論與實際的相互應證,歸納出整體輔導機制的問題。最後筆者也將嘗試提出可改進之策略,以其能協助未來輔導機制的改善。
Owing to the promotion of the programme for local cultural museum in 2002, the local cultures have started to be paid more attention. It was expected to bring the value of cultural tourism and to flourish the local economy. Six years on, a significant promotion can be seen that there were more than 270 local museums to be established in Taiwan. However, under the fruit, there is a negative issue, as knew as the “gnat museum” (it means a museum to be set aside for a long while, so its visitors are only gnats). Because of the issue of gnat museum, the programme of local cultural museum protrudes on the cultural circles. In fact, the issue of gnat museum had appeared before the programme of local cultural museum. Exactly, one of the aims of the programme is to wipe out the gnat museum. Moreover, the CCA enacted the guidance of local cultural museums to support sustainable managements of local museums. Although the CCA claimed that are not local museums which accepted subsidies, the news criticized it is not true. Whether it is true or not, in my opinion, the guide has to be examined. This dissertation would be started from the development of local cultural museum in Taiwan. First of all, I aimed to understand the development’s history and the present achievement of cultural local museums. Furthermore, I examined the guidance of local cultural museums and anaylse its development. Through above discussions, the programme and implement of the local cultural museum can be understood. Besides, I included two case studies, guide teams for local cultural museums in Miaoli county and Kaohsiung City to interview in order to comprehend the reason of implements and to figure out the actual problems. Through proving the theory? to practical cases, I induced the problems of the guidance of local cultural museums. Finally, I put forward a recommendation to develop the guidance in the future.
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