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Title: 表現台灣次文化之數位繪畫創作研究
Creative Digital Painting on Manifesting Subculture of Taiwan
Authors: 蘇宗雄
Su Tsung-Hsiung
Lin Chih-Hung
Keywords: 水墨畫
Water-ink painting
Digital painting
Issue Date: 2007
Abstract: 摘 要 人類歷史發展,每至偏執一方,往而不反的關頭,總有一股新興的反本運動繼起,要求回顧過往的源頭,從中汲取新生的創造力量。孔子所謂的述而不作,溫故知新,以及西方文藝復興所強調再生的精神,都體現了創造源頭這股日新不竭的力量。 近一百年的歷史中我們不難發現到次文化(Subculture)對主流文化的衝擊,而彼此相互影響,成長。大眾是「消極地接受了商業所給予的風格和價值」的人,而次文化則「積極地尋求一種小眾的風格」。如何從封建、傳統、主流文化、次文化中用一種數位繪畫表現形式,也是一件有趣的創作思考表現。 中國傳統水墨畫,自明,清兩代盛行臨摹以來,此風延續自今仍未消除。有鑑於此,研究探討古人作品與畫理,融合西方藝術理論盼為新創作得到啟發與實踐而墨色之運用在工具的改變上得以數位軟體傳承之。本論文「表現台灣次文化之數位繪畫創作研究」希望在傳統繪畫本質上兼取諸家的理法來融入,擇善,力求明白可喻,結合數位工具中的數位水彩筆刷與可調式參數,企圖達到轉化、革新、創造暨有趣的視覺表現。基於這樣的想法,讓論文在創作上訂定出明確的方向與期待。也希望能透過具當代藝術的繪畫手法呈現之。
Abstract In the development of human history, there are constant movements reminding people to trace back to the origin of cultures to re-digest the roots of creations in order to have our current cultures to be reborn again. Renaissance was indeed the perfect example of this notion. It is obvious that subculture has been creating impacts on mainstream culture for the past century. Yet, the two cultures have affected and grown on each other ever since. Mainstream is the group of people who passively accept the given styles and values from the commercial bodies. On the other hand, subculture represents a group of people who actively seek for the special styles of the minority. Seeking a unique form in digital painting through the long history of feudal society, tradition, mainstream culture and subculture will be a creative way of thinking in creative process. In Chinese water-ink painting, imitating the masterpieces has been a major trend as practice among artists since Ming and Ching dynasties. This thesis is focused on “Creative Digital Painting on Manifesting Subculture of Taiwan.” The author wish to absorb theories from various schools of Chinese painting from the history and apply digital painting media to create art works with creativity and clarity. The art works discussed in this thesis were created under this notion. By utilizing the watercolor painting techniques with digital tools, the artist is able to transform, innovate and finally create unique visual paintings with the taste of modern arts.
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