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Title: 刺客列傳-刺青人文圖像創作研究
Tattooed People –The Creation on Humanities Ink
Authors: 蘇憲法
Su, Hsien-Fa
Chen, Pin -Hung
Keywords: 刺青客
tattooed people
Taiwanese human culture
body decoration
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: 紀錄人文風貌一直是美術史上重要的一環,早在日治時期 ,前輩畫家以畫筆紀錄了當時的人文風景,故日後才能留下珍貴的台灣美術史給我們,是故體察時代脈動,描繪當代台灣人文色彩,成為筆者創作的目標。 台灣的「刺青客」是由90年代西方刺青潮帶動下所產生的族群,而刺青文化從90年代一躍成為現今流行的符碼,對於長期慣於接收美國文化的台灣,自然地也受到這股刺青風潮的影響。 在兒時記憶中,令人畏懼又好奇的刺青圖騰,隨著台灣社會風氣的改變,以另一種型態出現在筆者面前,作為一位創作者,希望以自己的觀點記錄「刺青客」的不同面貌,冀望社會大眾可以注意到,生活在台灣的刺青族群,獨特的人文色彩。 本次創作研究主要在探討刺青文化在九十年代轉化成為流行文化的主要現象,創作主題以台灣年輕一輩的刺青客為對象,先說明90年代台灣刺青風潮的產生,並分析刺青者的心理狀態,揭開刺青客的神秘面紗,再以人類學的角度,探用圖騰裝飾身體在人類文明史上的意義,並分析近代「人像繪畫」對象的選擇與詮釋的角度,藉著研究近代繪畫,人物對象的轉移現象,來確立創作方向,以強化作品呈現之精準度。最後,運用審美能力,結合油畫技法,詮釋當代刺青客和塗鴉藝術的次文化美學,呈現台灣豐富且多元文化的文化現象。
The documentation of human culture has always been a significant part in the history of art. During the Japanese Occupation, such documentation could be seen from a variety of paintings, depicting people from all walks of life and their social activities at that time. These paintings later became valuable academic resources in Taiwanese art history. Considering the flux of times, my study aims to illustrate the contemporary human culture in Taiwan through tattooing. In Taiwan, "tattooed people" refers to a group of people driven by the fashion of Western tattooing. They appreciate and embrace the practice of tattooing, which arose in the 1990s and now represents as a code for fashion. The practice of tattooing is now gaining popularity in Taiwan because Taiwan has been under the continuous and far-reaching influence of American culture. With the alteration of social value, tattooing, shifted from a form of deviance, has taken on a form of art in Taiwan. Accordingly, I plan to represent diverse faces of "tattooed people" and further to manifest the uniqueness of tattooing in my documentation of Taiwanese human culture. The study discusses the rise of tattooing in relation to the development of pop culture in the 1990s and the theme focuses on the portrait of young tattooed people in Taiwan. I will analyze these tattooed people's of state of mind so as to unveil the mystery of tattooing. Through anthropological approach, I am able to explore the significance of body decoration throughout human civilizations as well as the interpretation of portrait painting in modern times. At last, my creation combines elements of oil painting and aesthetic theories to interpret aesthetics residing in subculture, such as tattooing and graffiti.
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