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Title: 色/情異托邦:論黃昱斌水墨藝術中的酷兒力操作
Erotic Heterotopia:Manipulating Queer Force within Yu-pin Huang’s Ink Art
Authors: 莊連東
Huang, Yu-Pin
Keywords: 色情
contemporary ink art
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: 色情與性/別議題不管在教育、觀念或是人權上,至今都是各國不斷努力的目標,色情除了可以成為自我成長與批判的力量外,還能作為鬆動性/別階層的工具,本論文以研究「色情」和「性/別」議題作為理論基礎,並以自己的作品為探究核心,從作品中找到酷兒力的實踐。論文共分為六章,分述如下: 第一章為創作研究方法的建構,主要針對研究範圍加以限定,由於涉及性/別理論,所以在相關的名詞使用上盡可能的解釋清楚;第二章論述性解放的多重處境,並以色情跟身體作為實踐場域,探究性階層的產生,然後釐清酷兒力量與性別操演的論點;第三章則評論國外當代藝術中關於酷兒身體、身份與空間展演的作品,試圖分析現代人的另類品味,再導入到台灣性/別議題的展覽作品,以回應性/別議題文本;第四章則梳理筆者的風格建立與創作方法的產生,藉由敢曝美學與審醜的操作,說明自身創作和性/別論述的關係;第五章為筆者作品賞析,敘述個人經驗與作品內容的關係來回應當代水墨議題;第六章結論,回顧色情與性/別議題之處境,期許自己未來在面對相關議題時能保持創作能量。 由於社會大眾的「恐性」態度導致多數人在看待色情、性/別議題時仍充滿歧視與偏見,甚至蒙受污名與惡意對待,本論文藉由文本爬梳與作品實踐來剖析自己,依此來學習接受自己並且認同族群,同時,了解個體間的差異進而包容各種階層、權力的不對等關係。
The promotion of sex/gender and erotic issues has been a continuous effort by countries all over the world in terms of education, concepts, or human rights. Contrary to popular belief, pornography can often serve as a tool for personal exploration and self-reflection, breaking down and loosening the confines of conventional sexuality and gender. This article is a study of pornography, sex, and gender, with my artworks being the main target of investigation, to find the queer force within the artworks. This paper will be divided into six chapters: The first chapter is about the establishment of research methodology and boundaries as well as the definitions of the terms used in gender studies. The second chapter mentions the scenarios in which sexual liberation occurs, using explicit nudes and erotic materials in the artworks to explore the formation of sexual stratification, and elucidating queer force and gender performativity. The third chapter reviews the works of the queer body, identity, and space in foreign contemporary art and its attempts to analyze alternative tastes for a modern audience. Then, it applies the topic through some Taiwanese exhibitions and refers back to the focal point in the sex/gender litreture. The fourth chapter is a discourse on the author's creative methods. With the camp aesthetic and grotesque elements of the process, a discussion regarding the relationship between creation and sex can be made. The fifth chapter is a commentary on the author's works, observing the dynamic between personal experience and the content of the research, and how well it interacts with relevant contemporary issues. The sixth chapter concludes with a reflection on modern outlooks of pornography, sex, and gender, and a personal hope that I will be able to maintain my creative energy when dealing with such topics in the future. Due to the sexual phobia of the general public, most people still hold discriminating and prejudiced views regarding pornography, sex, and gender, which is evident in the social stigma and malice shown towards those who refuse to abide by imposed societal conventions. This paper aims to analyze myself with literature review and creating artworks, which also serves as a guide towards self-acceptance, aids in the self-identification within LGBTQ communities, and meanwhile, finds ways to understand the individual differences and social tolerance.
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