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Title: 出境、混合體與疆域─許維頴創作論述
Out of Place, a hybrid and the territory― Creation Discourse of Hsu, Wei- Ying
Authors: 林昌德
Hsu, Wei-Ying
Keywords: 出境
Out of Place
Female Image
Screen Printing
Contemporary Gongbi
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: 本論文由視覺藝術創作者所書寫,屬於創作論述型態之學位論文。它根據筆者的創作經驗值與實際產出作品為本源,以筆者的創作思維、行為與關懷作為引發議題的研究主體。主要涉及了筆者自身作為創作者的存在感,作品形式、內容,以及創作觀點與行為等。研究主體具有高度混雜、難以名狀的特性,在本論文中被筆者稱之為「混合體」。 此研究的形成,並非將對象視作一個完整主體來進行中心軸式的描述、分析、研究。而是將對象拆解成幾個部份,以碎裂的方式開展出一片論述場域。實際操作方式為:從自身作品的創作思維、形式與內容當中,提取幾個主要特徵作為研究對象。他們分別是關於人物作為創作主體、性別意識、工筆的當代意義、自然觀、線條與空間等不同「疆域」,屬於創作上的本質性探討。 撰寫的目的在於探究自身創作本質的思想與行為,這個探究的過程在本論文中被筆者稱之為「出境」。整個研究主要不是為了說明筆者現階段系列創作畫面的形式與內容而存在,而是以這些作品的實體存在為線索。認識筆者的創作行為從何而來、未來可以往哪裡去。透過開放、交錯、跨越的研究方式,成為本論文問題意識的技術支援,提供一個持續性離開原點的可能。
This dissertation is concerned with the creation process of the author and it was derived from author’s experience in visual arts creation and her art works. It discoursed the existence of the art creator, the styles and contents of her art works, creation perspective and behaviors. The study subject is highly complicate and beyond the description of language; therefore, the author referred it as a Hybrid in this dissertation. The author decomposed the subject into several study concepts from which she developed a thesis statement respectively. From the creation perspective, styles and contents of her art works, the author chose some characteristics and expressive features as study subjects that are the creation subjects, gender awareness, Gongbi’s effect in contemporary paintings, the conception of nature, line and space which were referred as “Territory” in this research. The dissertation is the pursuit of the study of perspectives and behaviors of art creation. The process of the study was referred as Out Of Place in this dissertation. The study is not intended to describe the style and content of the author’s current art works. Instead, it focused on the physical existence of these art works and discoursed the creation behaviors and the future direction of the author. The dissertation adopted an open, interchange and cross methodology, providing a possibility to help the author break the boundaries of her art creation behaviors.
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