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Title: 自然觀照―繪畫中的意境探索
Observation of Nature ― An Investigation of Artistic Conception in Painting
Authors: 蘇憲法
Su, Hsien-Fa
Lo, I-Hui
Keywords: 自然觀照
observation of nature
fusion of feelings with a natural setting
artistic conception
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 摘要 「意境」出於文化的孕育,除詩詞、曲賦、書畫等,更深入日常生活中,建築造設中小橋流水、亭台樓閣,無不增添生活情趣、修養品性。從各項藝術形式觀之,意境的傳遞與展現微觀於生活情調,宏觀至對生命和宇宙的包容與尊重之胸懷。相對於西方強調人文主義的外張強勢,東方溫謙內斂的性格多了神秘性,這種只可會意不可言說的,正深入意境的核心。 意境從詩學中脫穎,與中國文學發展、社會變遷、人文環境有相當關係,其思想體系融合文學、哲學與美學、藝術等範疇。意境乃是觀照人性之真諦與社會民族的情感,蘊藏耐人尋味的內涵與獨特的形式語彙,體現了東方文化的精神。風晴雨露、四時運轉,天地萬物在各情境中自有意境。意境表現與自然意象始終密切相關,而時空轉變自然更迭,意境隨著展現各種風貌。本創作研究擬以探索意境為旨趣,探析意境的時代源流與意涵,以及東方繪畫中意境的表現,並梳理以自然意象作為主題的意境思維。透過自然主題之詮釋、轉化,嘗試藉由油畫形式實踐創作,融合東方繪畫特質與意境思維於繪畫中。 藉由本創作研究對應「自然觀照―繪畫中的意境探索」之主題,探究個人創作脈絡與繪畫理念,審視創作內涵與形式表現的一致性。期能建構個人的創作美學觀及繪畫風格的形成。
Abstract "Artistic conception"(意境) is nurtured by culture. Apart from poetry, song, painting, and calligraphy, in the context of everyday life, artistic conception is also seen in the design and construction of bridges, towers, and buildings, which add interest to life and reveal aesthetic cultivation. From the perspective of different artistic forms, conception may transmit and present life's tone at the micro level, and philosophical thinking concerning tolerance and respect for life and the universe at the macro level. In contrast with the Western emphasis on humanism's outwardly expanding power, the East's understated character adds a touch of mystery; this kind of subtlety, which can be understood but not spoken, pervades the core of conception. The notion of conception is derived from poetics, and has a close relationship with the development of Chinese literature, social change, and the cultural environment, where this system of thought combines the categories of literature, philosophy, aesthetics, and art. Conception is the observation of the true meaning of human nature and the emotion of society and the country, and is rich in intriguing substance and unique formal vocabulary, which express the spirit of Eastern culture. The fluctuations of weather, the changes of season, and the myriad living things all naturally have their own conception. Conception is always closely connected with imagery, and conception reveals all manner of scenery with the natural passage of time. This art project seeks to explore the purpose of conception, investigate the development of conception over the course of time, and its implications, examine the expression of conception in Eastern painting, and describe Eastern thinking of conception using natural imagery as a topic. The interpretation and transformation of natural themes can incorporate the characteristics and conceptual thinking of Eastern painting in works when oil painting is used as an artistic form. This art research project, which is entitled "Observation of Nature―An Investigation of Artistic Conception in Painting," investigates individual creative context and painting concepts, and examines the consistency between the substance and formal expression in artistic creativity. I hope that it will enable the reconstruction of my individual view of aesthetics and the formation of painting style.
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