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Title: 新竹市地方博物館群整合經營之研究
A Study on the Integrated Management of the Hsinchu City Museums
Authors: 林曼麗
Chen, Shu-hui
Keywords: 地方博物館群
local museums
integreated management
public value
cultural govermance
Hsinchu City
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 近年來國家文化政策的導引之下,地方政府對於地方博物館群的經營管理,一方面需要尋求適合地方文化多元發展的資源,衡量本身經營管理系統的資源與能力,另方面要能順利達成地方文化事業整體發展的目標,必須要有健全的體制環境,合宜的組織結構,整合資源與能力,以創造公共價值為核心概念展開策略行動。 基此,本研究以「新竹市地方博物館群整合經營」為研究核心,採公共價值與資源基礎理論觀點,研究方法援引質性研究方法,以個案研究、文獻分析、深度訪談、參與觀察等多重方法蒐集資料。研究問題聚焦於:分析新竹市地方博物館群整合經營的理念、探究影響整合經營的因素,以及研析整合經營的問題與未來發展建議。 經彙整研究分析結果:首先,由於政策操作過程缺乏核心主張及周延規劃,故政策推動難以彰顯公共價值,整合經營的必要性並未獲得支持。第二,由於組織資源與人力不足,缺乏有效行政管理機制以及資訊平台不完備等因素,因而未達成有效資源整合。第三,囿於政府組織體制環境,整合經營反而會限縮地方博物館的專業性、多元性與差異性的發展,也會影響行政效能與專業化提升,不利於地方文化整體事業的發展。 研究建議,從事地方博物館群整合經營決策前,應以創造公共價值為前提,整合過程必須思考組織如何創造與累積核心競爭力,並且強化公眾參與機制,是組織能力提昇與政策環境合法性的必要趨勢。地方政府若能適度調整組織結構、挹注相應的人力與資源,將有助於化解與突破目前整合效益不彰的問題。
Due to the cultural policies in Taiwan these years, the local government management of local museums needs to search for multicultural development resources and consider the management ability. To achieve the local cultural development, the system, organization structure and resources integration need to be improved and the strategies should be execute based on creating public value. Therefore, I took” Integrated management of Hsinchu City Museums” as the model, adopted public value and resource-based theory and used qualitative analysis in this research. The data were collected by case studies, literature reviews, interviews and observations. I focused on studying the concept, factors, issues and future perspective of integrated management. According to our analysis: First, due to lacking of core value and detailed plans in the policies of Hsinchu City Museums integrated management, the significance of integrated management cannot be emphasized. Second, insufficient of organization and human resources lead to poor management system and information platform resulting in inefficient resources integration. Third, limited by the structure of government, the integrated management reduced the professional, diversity and disparity of local museums. It also affected the administrative effectiveness and specialization improvement leading to negative effect to local cultural development. In this study, I supposed that we should consider how to create and accumulate core competitiveness and strengthen public engagement based on creating public value before making policy decisions which is also the trend of improving legitimacy and operational capacity. If the local government could adjust the organization structures, introducing specialists and resources, the inefficiency of integrated management can be overcome.
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