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Title: 意造˙組構:林威丞創作圖像思考
Imagination and Configuration:Creative Pictorial Conception of Lin, Wei-Cheng
Authors: 莊連東
Chuang, Lien-Tung
Lin, Wei-Cheng
Keywords: 意造
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 本論文研究以型塑異世界的概念切入,透過觀察虛擬世代之下的社會表徵,分析其表層之下的機制、心靈特質,並剖析虛擬世代造成的各種價值轉換、知識轉移,人們大量依賴虛擬空間作為脫離現實世界的出口,「擬像」的虛擬特質,使得現實與虛擬之間的界線崩解。「如何脫離現實世界?」成為問題意識思考。 社會發展影響藝術創作,筆者將虛擬世界的「擬像」特質對應到藝術領域,發現其共通性與脈絡,進而提出以「意造」、「組構」的概念方式,進行藝術脈絡思考、分析,以之構築創作者本身所想營造的異世界—「微塵世界」,以創作者主體思考,型構空間中的怪獸圖像思維,進行創作實踐,怪獸圖像本身具備的虛擬性、想像性、複合性與獨特性,成為創作者本身所探討的議題所在。撰寫內容以六個章節進行,分別是:第一章—緒論、第二章—符碼組構的虛擬世界、第三章—意造˙組構的藝術思維、第四章—創作思維與個人實踐、第五章—創作作品分析、第六章—結論。 透過梳理藝術脈絡中的各類作品、藝術發展,對照自身創作思維,思考系譜脈絡,比較各式觀點與各種表現方式,歸納出自我創作實踐的可行性,透過組構怪獸圖像型塑場域,並以不同系列作品進行本研究主題意涵的闡釋。
This thesis studies the concept of shaping a different world, and observes the social representation under the virtual generation. It analyzes the mechanisms, spiritual traits, various value transformations, and knowledge transfers under its surface. People rely heavily on virtual space as an exit from the real world. The virtual nature of "simulation" disintegrates the boundary between reality and virtuality. "How to break away from the real world?" This becomes a problem. Social development affects artistic creation. The author maps the "simulation" of the virtual world to the art field, and discovers its commonality and context. The author further proposes the concept of "Imagination" and "Configuration". The author uses this to build the different world that he wants to create-"The World of Dust". The author proposes subjective thinking, monster image thinking in the configuration space, and creative practice. The virtuality, imagination, compoundness and uniqueness of the monster image itself have become the subject of discussion by the creators themselves. The content is written in six chapters, namely: Chapter 1-Introduction, Chapter 2-Virtual World of Symbolic Composition, Chapter 3-Artistic Thinking of Imagination and Configuration, Chapter 4-Creative Thinking and Personal Practice, Chapter 5-Analysis of Creative Works, Chapter Chapter 6-Conclusion. By combing various works and artistic development in the context of art, the author compares his own creative thinking and thinks about the context of genealogy. At the same time, the author also compares various viewpoints and various expressions, sums up the feasibility of self-creation practice, through the formation of monster image-type plastic field, and different series of works to explain the meaning of this research theme.
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