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Title: 夢遊異境—張幼莉水墨創作論述
Sleepingwalking mood—the Ink Painting Discussion of Zhang You-Li
Authors: 莊連東
Zhang, You-Li
Keywords: 烏托邦
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 本研究以現實社會中人們普遍缺乏的自身認同感,以及對自我價值的質疑著手,探討在現今科技進步的文明社會中所產生的人際疏遠、自我價值感不足、對於自身感到茫然……等,在這樣的環境下,人們如何透過夢境紓解應對外界情境的壓力,並試圖重新找回自我的面貌,並肯定自身價值。 透過多面向學理依據釐清並探析「夢境」、「烏托邦」與自我之相關概念,以及其中與藝術的關聯,以現實生活與外在經驗為出發點,透過精神分析中自我意識的機制與相關文獻解釋,梳理以「夢」為主題的創作轉化與呈現形式,並以相關藝術家及作品的分析,更深入理解以夢境融入作品的藝術表現方式,同時筆者以自身的內心轉化與投射,透過個人的創作建構與實踐,創造出對應的圖像,建構與詮釋個人的心境以及對於環境的省思,將無形的情緒,透過畫面表現當中的。 在創作思維轉向藝術的表現手法,是以動物、昆蟲、植物等圖像做為主體,經由對其圖像的投射、轉換,加以產生與筆者自身的背景、經驗、潛意識、心境……等之對照,並以水墨、膠彩等媒材,與空間、物體、時間的錯置作為實際創作的方法,透過「虛幻的場景構成」與「主體的寫實描寫」,實踐本計劃之「空間的混雜」與「主體具象化」的目的。
This article starts with the general lack of self-identity and self-questioning of people in the real world, and discusses the alienation, lack of self-worth, and confusion about oneself in the current civilized society of scientific and technological progress. In this environment, how do people use dreams to relieve the pressure of coping with external situations, and try to regain their self-esteem and affirm their own value. This study clarifies and explores the related concepts of "dreams", "utopia" and self, and the connection with art through academic basis, starting from real life and external experience, and through self-awareness mechanism and related literature in psychoanalysis , Sort out the creative transformation and presentation form with the theme of "dream", and analyze the related artists and works to gain a deeper understanding of the artistic expression of the dream into the work. At the same time, the author uses his own inner transformation and projection, through personal creation Construct and practice, create corresponding images, construct and interpret personal moods and reflections on the environment, and express intangible emotions through the pictures. The creative thinking turned to the artistic expression method, taking the images of animals, insects, plants as the main body, through the projection and transformation of the images, and the author’s own background, experience, subconsciousness, mood... etc. Contrast, and use ink, glue color and other media, and the dislocation of space, objects, and time as the actual creation method. Through the "illusory scene composition" and "realistic description of the subject", the "space mixing" of this project is practiced. "And the purpose of "subjective visualization".
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