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Title: 心靈奇幻劇場-吳佳容繪畫創作論述
The Fantastic Theatre on My mind-The Creations of Paintings Discussion by Gia-Rong Wu
Authors: 孫翼華
Keywords: 虛幻世界
unreal world
fantasy elements
concept of theatre
Chinese ink paintings
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 摘 要 在工作繁忙與生活壓力大的社會中,人們時常在現實生活裡感受到不滿足,而奇幻故事的出現是為了創造出另一個虛幻世界的真實性,讓人們相信有烏托邦國的存在,將美好的幻想寄託於其中,不僅能夠獲得心靈上的慰藉也暫時彌補人類對生活短暫的無力感。奇幻世界的美好呈現就像是場華麗的劇場,令人沉醉在舞台幻象當中,劇場的元素、戲劇性演出能夠瞬間的帶給觀賞者心靈與視覺的滋養進而帶領人們走向一個美好幻境。   本研究探討奇幻風格外也連結劇場元素的概念,分析戲劇治療原理與奇幻藝術的關聯性,再從中取得一種相連並建構性的假設連結,作為這兩者間的關係從而整理出一個新的創作思維方向,探討兩者間的元素並相互運用與結合。奇幻創作顯現了現代人們所到達不了的夢想境地,藉由奇幻元素作為作品的發想之源再融入劇場概念,從自身存在為出發點,試圖將個體的內在想像延伸至外在環境相連,完成心靈的想像藍圖與自我實現的方式。 關鍵字:虛幻世界 奇幻元素 劇場概念 水墨創作
Abstract People often feel dissatisfied with the reality in this busy and stressful society, where fantasy stories emerge to create another unreal world and make people believe in the existence of Utopia. This unreal world attaches the fantasy of human beings which not only brings spiritual comfort but also temporarily makes up for the sense of powerlessness that life is short. The wonderful presentation of the fantasy world is intoxicating like a magnificent theatre that makes people addicted to the illusion of stage. The theatre elements and the dramatic performance can instantly take the audience to a dreamy wonderland by nourishing their soul and vision. This study aims to explore the concept of the integration of theatre elements into fantasy style and analyze the correlation between principle of drama therapy and fantasy art, followed by a constructive hypothetical correlation drew as the relationship between the two to develop a new direction of creation thinking. In addition, the various elements of drama therapy and fantasy art as well as their application and integration are also discussed. Fantasy creations also reveal the wonderland that is out of reach. The use of the fantasy elements as the source of the creation and the integration of the concept of theatre, taking one’s own existence as the starting point, are attempts made to extend the inner imagination of the individual to the external environment so as to achieve the blueprint of the soul and self-realization. Key Words: unreal world fantasy elements concept of theatre Chinese ink paintings
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