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Title: 混亂世代:基因改造下的世界—陳怡穎水墨創作論述
Messy World:Genetic Modification—The Ink Painting Discussion of Chen Yi Ying
Authors: 莊連東
Chuang, Lien-Tung
Chen, Yi-Ying
Keywords: 水墨創作
Ink painting
post- human beings
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 摘 要 本文從現代科技的發達、生活周遭充斥著文明產物做為開端,來探討科技之於人們、之於自然、之於整體社會的影響,在一個基因改造、人造生命皆已成可能事實的年代中,人類有了野心期望將過往的傳說、幻想賦予實現,卻又同時害怕著會牴觸現有社會制度、倫理道德,而最終把自己引領到一個絕望的境界。而筆者在此以混種生物做為一個議題的核心,雖然以當今科技來談還有點遙遠,卻也點出人類對於追求理想、自身強大的慾望,及對其他萬物的支配與操弄。 文中試圖以當今的人類、科技下的生命產物、科學家、社會的責任階級等不同的角度來進行相關議題的探討,使筆者透過水墨創作營造未來混種世界中有更全方位、多元化的思考方式,將對自然物種的觀察使塑造出來的混種生物更貼近真實,並希望觀者在作品中亦能找到共鳴。而一系列的作品中分為了「類烏托邦的美夢」、「文明的夢魘」、「向前進的迷惘」三個部分來進行探討,呈現了文明為人們所建構的美好想像及自然反撲、科技生命造反可能的崩毀,亦留下了相對飄渺虛無的情境留給觀者無限的想像空間。 對於科技發展的未來,人們冀望嚮往、人們膽怯迷惘,也許混種生物之於當今仍是太遙遠的未來。然筆者希望透過作品將自我的想法表達出來,透過創作過程中不斷自我對話與省思,期許自我的獨特語言能引起觀者的共鳴與回應。 關鍵字:水墨創作、混種生物、基因改造、科技、後人類
Abstract This research aims to study the influence of technology toward people, nature, and the whole society. It begins with the prosperous modern technology and tremendous civilization. In this gene-modification, and artificial could be true era, human beings have the ambition to revive the old legend while afraid of obey the current social system simultaneously so being forced themselves to a desperate degree. The author uses the hybrids as a core to point out the lust of being arrogant, striving for an ideal world and manipulating other animals, though somehow a little far away. The research is trying to examine related issues at the prospective of human beings, creation of technology, scientists, and so forth. Therefore, the author can have more sides and multiple thinking methods via Chinese painting in order to make artificial hybrids be more authentic. What the author aspires is just resonant the readers after admiring the work. The series is separated into “ Utopia Sweet dreams”, “the nightmares of civilization”, “the dilemma of moving forward”. They reflect nature’s counterattack, the beautiful imagination constructed by human beings, as well as the possible devastation against the attack of technologic lives. Moreover, it leaves delusive atmosphere for readers to have unlimited imagination. Even though hybrids are too far the future as the present, human beings yearn but confuse toward the future of technology. The author aims to express her thought via the works. With continuous dialogue and reflextion, the author aspires to provoke readers’ resonance with her unique language. Keywords: Ink painting, hybrids, gene-modification, technology, post- human beings
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