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Title: 「溫故・究新」—陳柏瑞繪畫創作研究
Gain New Insights through Reviewing The Old —A Study of Paintings of Po-Ruei, Chen
Authors: 王瓊麗
Wang, Qiong-Li
Chen, Po-Ruei
Keywords: 歷史文化資產

History and Cultural heritage
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 此創作研究命名為《溫故.究新》,起因於筆者看到不重視歷史文化資產保存的社會現象,引發想要利用水彩畫為老屋子紀錄的創作動機。在研究過程中發現自己喜歡老屋的真正原因來自童年短暫居住經驗,老房子是理解地方歷史脈絡的重要場所,能夠豐富城市面貌,同時也保存時代的生活記憶。 藉由色彩學、台灣水彩史料與建築常識、心理等學理基礎建構,增加自信心也豐富了創作語彙,更能清楚理解台灣古建築文化並發展適合的作品形式與內容。在經典老屋與台灣老窗花系列創作中,筆者以簡樸而不失活潑之色調結合老屋元素,發揮創作者想像力、抒發自己對於老屋的感受。
The creation of this research is “Gain New Insights through Reviewing the Old”. Due to not pay attention to the preservation of historical and cultural assets of social phenomena, triggering the author wants to use watercolor painting for the old house record creative motives. In the course of the study, we found that the real reason for owning old houses comes from childhood experience. The old house is an important place to understand the history of the local history, which can enrich the city and save the life memory of the times. Through the Color science, Taiwan watercolor Historical materials and architectural knowledge, psychological and other theoretical basis to build, increase self-confidence also enriched the creation of vocabulary, more clearly understand the ancient architecture of Taiwan culture and the development of suitable forms and content. In the classic old house and Taiwan's old window flowers series of creation, the author simple and yet lively color combination of old house elements, play creator imagination, to express the old house for their own feelings.
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