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Title: 精神官能現象下的強迫性製作- 徐兆甫的曼陀羅式自我藝術療程創作
Psychoneurosis Paintings on Obsessive-compulsive disorder- Mandala’s medical treatment about art by Hsu Chao-fu
Authors: 李振明
Lee, Cheng-Ming
Hsu, Chao-Fu
Keywords: 圓點
round dot
homogenization of facial features
ink color
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 本文以在社會中人類不自覺中反覆性的行為來作為探討背景,發掘資本主義消費社會的繁榮表象下,大眾文化對社會價值觀的扭曲及人類心志薄弱困頓的窘境,然而生活中流量極大之一的物質就是廣告訊息,如此的訊息量並非筆者與觀者需要接收的,但過程中依然無法排斥種種來源,例如電視、廣播、電影、手機廣告、印刷品(書籍、雜誌、報紙)等等,新聞內容的生產和傳播者,傳統媒體當然不能無視渠道的變革。至今幾乎每家媒體都在嘗試向移動的相互聯絡網平台延伸,從紙上向線上拓展,希望自己的影響力是沒有限制的,並且是隨時隨地的。影響力從種種渠道到網絡平台是重要性之因素,但追根結底還是要依靠內容的專業,如此,對於並非專業化的訊息大量釋出,新訊息大量爆炸。這樣獲得的新訊息強迫著使人們改變與演化,整個社會下猶如精神官能症中強迫症患者一般,不斷反覆焦慮與掙扎,筆者的生活與藝術創作也有所相同,改變的新訊息是筆者焦慮現象之一,進而出現類「精神官能症」的方式作為筆者創作存在的生存法則。
  On the basis of the human’s repeated behaviors in our society as the background for discussions, this essay aims to explore the distortion of the culture of the masses over social value and the human’s plight of feeble mindedness and weariness in the context of the representation of ostentatious prosperity in a capitalism consumer society. Nonetheless, advertising messages are one of matters in volumes in our daily life, and such a message volume is not what the writer and the viewers are necessarily to receive, and, however, we cannot exclude all sorts of sources, such as TV, broadcast, movie, mobile phone ads, printed matter (book, magazine, newspaper), etc., while news producers and disseminators and traditional media shall certainly not ignore reforms in channels. So far, almost each media has tried to extend to the moving mutual network platform by having expanded from papers to online in hopes that their own influence will be unrestricted anytime and everywhere. Influence is the important factor ranging from a variety of channels to network platform, but it, basically, still requires to relying on professional contents, thus releasing volumes of non-professional information that lead to explosive new messages. New messages garnered in such way therefore force people to seek changes and evolution that the entire society is succumbed to repeated anxiety attacks and struggle just as patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder neurosis that is same to the writer’s life and artistic creations, and the new messages under change exactly embody one of his anxiety phenomena that artificial method of “neurosis” further emerges served as the principle of survival for the existence of his creation.
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