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Title: 人物視覺幻境之創作研究
Figure Creation of Visual Illusion
Authors: 蘇憲法
Su, Hsin-Fa
Chen, Pin-Han
Keywords: 視覺
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: 台灣是筆者居住的島嶼,經濟與科技的發展加速了整個島嶼開發的程度,國際之間的文化互相交流,在這個數位科技的時代人們也藉由網路科技聯繫,因此過於依賴而形成了疏離感。人與人之間的距離變的遙遠,變的冷漠,生活中有很多大小事是值得我們關心,筆者也因如此對於人與人間的往來在生活當中開始觀察體會。 《人物視覺幻境》之創作系列裡,以人物為描繪對像進行一系列的創作研究,藝術創作有很多目的,有的用來抒發情感,關懷社會而進行創作,在這個自由年代裡,創作的動機目的與題材已是多元不拘束了,筆者藉由關注生活當中的周遭朋友、孩童之情緒的思考表達成為創作題材。此創作動機主要是筆者以古典繪畫的技巧以及多方面複合媒材的嘗試搭配,來追求獨特的表現形式,傳達人物、視覺、空間、光線、色彩與對人物造型觀察的追求,五個主軸上不停的摸索與探究。
The artist lives in Taiwan, an island well-known for its fast economical and technological development. In this digital era a lot happens in the virtual world: relationships between countries and cultures happen faster and easier, and everyone communicates and relies on online communications; as such the artist's generation is permeated by a strong sense of alienation. Relationships betweenpeople have become distant and cold, but still life has a lot of things that are worth caring about, so the artist, aware of this, started to observe and analyze how this kind of situations take place in his own life. The creation of the series “Figure Creation of Visual Illusion - Creation and research”focus mainly on the research and depiction of the human figure but with several other important features in mind like expressing emotions, the role of this free and disengaged generation in nowadays society, the artist's friends, and childrens' moods; all these became an inspiration for the creation of this painting series.
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