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Title: 高職視覺藝術教育課程實踐之行動研究: 以桃園振聲高中廣設科畢業展之實施為例
Action Research of Visual Art Teaching for Vocational Education: Taking Design Department of St. Francis Xavier High School as an Example in Conducting the Process of Graduation Exhibition
Authors: 林仁傑
Lin, Ren-Jye
Chen, Tsan-Yang
Keywords: 高職
vocational education
visual art education
curriculum praxis
action research
design department
graduation exhibition
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: 本研究主要是以高職視覺藝術教育為主軸,藉由學生畢業展之探討,提供一個可經由討論、歸納與自訂學習計畫的創作與展覽過程之研究。透過多元的媒材體驗及生動有趣作品創作,讓學生參與規劃、設計作品內容,並且籌組策展小組,從展場選定、展覽主題評選、作品佈置等相關事宜,藉由參與整個策展過程,提昇學生專業能力增廣學習領域與深度,審視學生所擁有的能力並啟發學生的藝術潛能,引導學生自我實現的視覺藝術教學課程。 本研究採取行動研究法,以桃園振聲高中廣設科畢業展為例,對象是三年級一班至四班學生。以「艷收--文創.設計.耕耘.收穫」為畢業展主題,研究者本身為教學者,也是觀察者。利用教師日誌、學生作品,問卷、影像紀錄和學習單等相關資料,分析學生規劃畢業展實施過程與結果,提出教學省思並歸納出結論與建議,作為未來視覺藝術教育課程發展、實施及後續研究之參考。 本研究的目的歸納如下: 一、檢視高職視覺藝術教學課程架構與內涵。 二、探討高職視覺藝術教學對於學生專業能力與學習領域之影響。 三、探討畢業展對於班級團體藝術學習的影響。 依此目的論述分析預測得到以下結論: 一、透過展覽活動的實際經驗與歷程能具體實踐視覺藝術教育的內涵。 二、透過視覺藝術教學能提升學生專業能力、增廣學習領域與深度。 三、透過畢業展能激發團體的學習動力,促進良性觀摩競爭,增強團隊精神,培養 學生解決問題與計畫實踐的能力。
The main axis of the research is on the visual art teaching of the Vocational Education, by means of the thorough examinations of students’ graduation exhibitions. Its aim is to offer students a profitable learning environment for panel discussions, inducting, and learning by themselves. Through the studies of the works of the students and the processes of exhibitions, illustrated by the multimedia and the fascinating creativities, students will get practically involved in the arrangements, design the contents of the exhibited works, organize the panels, execute the relevant details from the picks of exhibition places, the motif of exhibitions, and the lay-outs for perfect graduation exhibitions. Allowing students to take part in the processes of the exhibiting, we will improve their professional abilities, broaden their horizons, inspire their potential, to direct them to the self fulfillment, and complete the action research of the visual art teaching of their own. The research method adopts the action research. Taking class 1-4 of the seniors of the Design Department of St. Francis Xavier High School, for example, thesubject of the graduation exhibition is Blazing Riot—Culture Creativity, Design, Cultivation, Harvest. The researcher, as a teacher, also an observant, uses journals, the works by students, the video records, and the information of students’ feedback sheets, to analyze the their executive processes and outcome of implementing graduation exhibitions. Based on the teaching reflections, we might induce the conclusion as a research reference for the development and implementation of visual art teaching in the subsequent studies. The goals of the research are as follows: 1. inspect the structure and contents of the courses of visual art teaching 2. examine the influences of how the visual art teaching has on the students’ professional abilities and their ranges of learning domains. 3. explore the effectiveness the graduation exhibitions have to art education in the class. According to the above statements, we might predict the following deductions: 1. Through the practically experiential exhibiting events, we are to put the visual art teaching into effect; 2. Through the visual art teaching, enhance students’ professional abilities, broaden depths and ranges of art learning; 3. Through the graduation exhibitions, prompt group learning, urge productive competitions, strengthen team spirit, cultivate the abilities of solving problems and effect eventful exhibitions.
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