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Title: 展覽數位化模式之研究-以「中央研究院數位文化中心」為例
A Research on the Model of Digital Exhibition-A Case Study of "Academic Sinica Center for Digital Cultures"
Authors: 黃士純
Yao, Liang-Ting
Keywords: 數位展覽
digital exhibition
digital museum
Academia Sinica Center for Digital Cultures
user experience
digital content
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 本研究主要探討數位展覽的內容架構及展出模式分析。目前國內外有關數位展覽的發展模式,是以實體博物館如何進行數位內容展示為研究方向,而面對現今大數據發展的學習型態,數位博物館或數位展覽不再僅以提供知識獲取新知為目標,使用者資訊共享及訊息傳遞將成為未來不可或缺的主流趨勢。本研究以中央研究院數位文化中心主題網站為例,就近年來數位展覽型態的發展歷程及使用者行為進行數據分析,並深度訪談數位文化中心核心成員,加上研究者本身長期參與展覽策劃之經驗分析,深究探討目前臺灣數位展覽的運作型態及發展趨勢。 中央研究院數位文化中心長期推動國內數位人文研究,運用多元化的典藏主題製作實體特展,並建置互動式多媒體網站加以保存及呈現各式主題成果。經由觀察數位文化中心不同主題網站的展示架構、目標族群、使用者偏好及瀏覽路徑,瞭解數位展覽能帶給使用者的是在個人化學習上的知識串連及跨域思維,而展覽要如何有效運用技術強化數位內容特性,強化使用者體驗及學習感受都將是未來數位世界所將面臨的最大挑戰。本研究就展覽數位化的模式架構,歸納出三種網站型態特性,同時提出對於未來數位博物館的展示模組構想藍圖。
This thesis aims to discuss the content structure and the display mode of the digital exhibition. The current development model of the domestic and international based on how physical museums have proceed their digital content display. Facing the next learning styles of big data, the targets of digital museums and digital exhibitions are no longer providing new knowledge; information sharing and messages transferring are the inevitable trends in the virtual world for the foreseeable future. The proposed model is demonstrated in the case of Academia Sinica Center for Digital Cultures, by analyzing the data of the digital exhibition development, the users' experience in virtual environment, in-depth interviews with the core members and the researcher’s own curating experience. The aim of the present study is to explore the current operation on the digital exhibitions in Taiwan and to probe into the next trend of digital exhibition. Academia Sinica Center for Digital Cultures(ASCDC) has been continuously promoted the research of domestic digital humanities, and hold the physical exhibitions with diversified themes and collections, it has preserved the digital resources by establishing the multimedia websites. The results showed the knowledge connection and interdisciplinary thinking of the digital exhibition through the users' personalized learning by observing the website structure, target groups, user preference and browsing paths base on ASCDC websites; it is also showed the user experience enhancement is the requirement in the future. Based on the research, the target of the future digital exhibition will be market-focused, and it will be the biggest challenge by using technology to enhance digital content effectively in the upcoming future. The thesis summarizes three types of website characteristics, and proposes the display model of the next digital museum.
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