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Title: 書法中的字境意象創作-以塔羅牌的圖像為例
Creation of Imagery in Chinese Calligraphy-taking the image of the Tarot as an example
Authors: 袁金塔
Yuan, Jin-ta
Lu, Cheng-Yu
Keywords: 書法
Chinese calligraphy
modern Chinese calligraphy
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 摘要 書法是中國流傳千年的藝術文化,書寫藝術,它記錄了過去、豐富了現在、開創了未來。而在西方,塔羅牌歷史悠久,用圖像記錄了過往西方宮廷生活,將文化延續下來。一者為東方文化的源頭,一者為西方文化的一環。 本研究將東西兩者作為結合。書畫互涉互通,中西文化共感共融,是本研究的研究精神之一。本研究以現今為大眾的偉特塔羅中的22張大牌作為研究創作的靈感。透過書法的各式書體及筆墨的特性做結合,與塔羅圖像達到訊息與意境的契合。進一步將書法身為藝術的特質發揮出來。 本研究除了以圖文上的特性進行分析外,並透過此研究,將書法藝術與塔羅作首次的結合,嘗試書法在創作上的創新之舉。研究過程中,創作22張書法藝術,天真若愚、通天神術、靜如處女等22張研究結果。 關鍵字:書法、現代書法、塔羅、字境、意象
ENGLISH ABSTRACT As a Chinese artistic culture dating dating back to ancient times, Calligraphy recorded the past, enriches the present moments, and opens a door to the human future , while in the west, Tarot has its long history of reflecting the western royal family lives and presents the faces of the royal tradition . The formerstands for the origin of Eastern art culture, and the latter tells of an imporant part of western civilization. The research focused mainly on the combination of the Eastern form of art, calligraphy and the Western form of art, Tarot. As the Chinese proverb goes, “Calligraphy and drawing are of the same origine.” It is exactly such spirit that weaves the whole research. The research is based on the 22 Major Arcana in Rider-Waite’s Tarot, aiming at combining the images of Major Arcana and the messages conveyed of by Chinese calligraphy through various types of calligraphic styles and the traits presented by the writing styles, to further express the artistic features of Chinese calligraphy. Besides trait-analysis of both image and calligraphy, matching the Tarot and calligraphy writes a new page in histroy. During the research process, I create 22 pieces of such art work : The Fool ,The Magician,The High Pristress and other 19 pieces. Key words:Calligraphy, Chinese calligraphy,modern Chinese calligraphy,Tarot,imagery
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