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Title: 繁花若夢
Blooming Flowers Like Dreams
Authors: 孫翼華
Lee, Jo-Lan
Keywords: 詩意
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 本論文研究的目的係源於對自然界的觀察以反映內心的壓力、轉換、釋放 、到以第三者的心態來觀察這世界,東方的哲學家老子對於水的思考,引發他對生命價值的態度,他透過「水」的象徵意義,讓我們面對人生態度有不同的看法。從古至今中國傳統的「花鳥畫」一直是有隱藏、隱喻、托物等的象徵符號,本文除了水紋象徵性引發心靈的探討和潛意識的發掘外,也藉由蝴蝶、花卉、小草、樹根的隱喻來訴說心中無法說出的語彙,從中國古典美學出發,作為研究的目的。 本論文共分為五部分,第一章緒論包含:研究的動機與目的、研究的內容與範圍、研究的方法與步驟。第二章主要以東方美學、西方的潛意識及中國傳統繪畫中的「詩意」的探討其中:老子對於「水」的哲思,「上善若水」的論述、潛意識之探微,包括佛洛依德、阿德勒、榮格學說探討、繪畫中的「詩意」表達及「虛與「實」的論述。第三章創作理念與探討包含:水紋與花卉的象徵意義、花鳥畫中的象徵、隱喻內涵、融入現代思維和人文思想的花鳥畫並舉例四位藝術家鄭月妹、胡以誠、黃淑卿、孫翼華的畫風以及創作內涵與形式包含:詩與夢、隱喻、空間配置、鏡像階段、媒材與技法。第四章「繁花若夢」作品實踐和解析和第五章結語:創作省思和未來的展望。筆者希望透過此次創作能夠發揮傳統水墨的特色又兼具現代人生活經驗的本質,加以融匯貫通希望能成為紓發情思的花鳥畫。
The purpose of this dissertation stems from self and third party’s observation of the nature, and reflects on one’s inner pressure, conversion, and release. Laozi, an Eastern philosopher’s, attitude toward the value of life was triggered by the thought on water. Through the symbolic meaning of "water", he taught people different aspects of life attitude. From ancient times to the present, the traditional Chinese "flower and bird painting" has always been a symbol of hidden metaphors. In addition to the symbolic discussion of the flow line and the exploration of the subconscious mind, this article also uses the metaphors of butterflies, flowers, grass, and tree roots to tell the unspeakable story hidden in the heart. The purpose of this research is originated from the aspect of classical Chinese aesthetics. This dissertation is divided into five parts. The first chapter includes: the motivation and purpose of the research, the content and scope of the research, and the methods and steps of the research. The second chapter mainly discusses oriental aesthetics, western subconsciousness and "poetic" in traditional Chinese paintings: Laozi's philosophical thoughts on "water", the discussion of "goodness as water", the exploration of subconsciousness, including Freud, Adler and Jung's doctrine, the expression of "poetic" in painting, and the discussion of "emptiness and reality." The third chapter is the discussion of creation’s concept, which includes: the symbolic meaning of flow lines and flowers and the metaphorical connotation in flower and bird paintings. Example authors who draw flower and bird paintings that integrate modern thinking and humanism are given: Yue-Mei Zheng, Yi-Cheng Hu,Shu-Qing Huang, and Yi-Hua Sun. The discussion also includes their art works’ connotations, poetries and dreams, metaphors, layouts, Stage of Mirror, media, and techniques.The fourth Chapter is the practice and analysis of "Blooming Flowers Like a Dream." The fifth chapter is the conclusion: creative thinking and future prospect. The author hopes that this creation can give full play of the characteristics of Chinese brush painting while blending modern people's life experience and become a flower and bird painting that relieves feelings.
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