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Title: 抽象與具象之虛實意境—曾俊明繪畫創作研究
The Artistic Conception of Virtual And Real Between Abstraction And Figurative-The Artistic Painting and Research of Jun-Ming Zeng
Authors: 王瓊麗
Zeng, Jun-Ming
Keywords: 抽象
virtual and real artistic conception
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 此創作研究論文,由筆者自己的探索追尋技術和生活的經驗萃取而出,由前人抽象到具象經過內化後,並自成一格,創造出新的元素作品,擺脫傳統的繪畫表現。在作創的形式風格上,化有形於無形,給予觀者對於繪畫有新的面貌感受。在繪畫道路上,創作始終記錄著筆者的心境寫照與人生觀點。經由論文的支撐,來貫徹作品的實踐。 第一章緒論,表態出研究動機與目的、研究架構範疇和主題界定,創作發展性。 第二章創作理論與基礎,文獻的探討,分析過往較特色的抽象畫家和具象畫家所影響之處,說明繪畫上的虛實意境與思維,從中確立自我的創作方向。 第三章創作形式與內容、媒材、技巧,透過媒材的運用,繁衍出不同的繪畫效果,理念經過內化後,慢慢從形象結構轉變入意識狀態。 第四章作品解讀分析,筆者展現作品樣貌,說明繪畫創作背後的象徵寄情和故事寓意,反映著筆者每一件作品的藝術思想,以及成果驗證。 第五章結論,藉由創作的總結,導出研究的結果,和創作的心得、價值,同時能做到繪畫涵養與趣味。
This thesis on creativity is the extraction of the author’s own experience in exploring techniques and life, internalizing the predecessors' painting styles from realism to abstract and creating a new style of his own works with novel elements, free of traditional painting performances. In the form and style of creation, the author has turned the tangible into intangible, giving viewers a new look and feel about painting. On the journey to make a career in painting, the creation always records the author's state of mind and philosophy of life. This thesis is aimed to underpin the accomplishment of works. Chapter One, Introduction, expressing research motivation and purpose, research framework and scope and theme definition, as well as development of creation. Chapter Two, The theory and foundation of creation, literature review, analysis of the influences of the relatively more distinctive abstract painters and figurative painters in the past, explaining the virtuality and reality on paintings, and establishing the creative direction of self among them. Chapter Three, Creative forms and contents, media, skills. Increase different painting effects through the use of media. Gradually transform the image structure into the state of consciousness after the concept is internalized. Chapter Four, Interpretation and analysis of works. The author shows the appearance of the work and explains the symbolic sentiment and story meaning behind the creation of painting, reflecting the artistic thought of the author's each work and the verification of the results. Chapter Five, Conclusion, summarizing the creation, leading to the results of the research, the gained knowledge and the value of creation; meanwhile, cultivation and interesting can be achieved.
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