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Title: 神●遇黃山---袁玉軒山水畫創作論述
Meet Huangshan in Spirit Landscape painting creation discorsed by Yu hsuan Yuan
Authors: 林昌德
Yuan, Yu-Hsuan
Keywords: 意境
artistic conception
Chinese painting
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 摘 要 創作源自藝術家對於存在的環境所知所思、所聞,且隨物寄情與心同遊,在自然、現實及人生的境域中,孕育出心靈思慮的欣然。若要在深耕筆墨的境地中更應進一步地開拓,如清代石濤大師所言:「筆墨當隨時代」,運用多元的筆墨技巧灑脫層次,解放了傳統筆墨的包袱。 中國人特別喜歡說「境」字,如人居住處四周稱環境,所遭遇到的情況稱境地,對於不利的情況或事件或者事實或事物的環境或背景稱之處境,遇到的情況或虛擬的情節為之情境,所處的為境況,心有心境,意有意境,人有人境,仙有仙境。人之心境,實由心造;心境當有境界,有境界者自有高格調。如同佛門所說:「境隨心轉則悅,心隨境轉則煩。」 「意境」是中國繪畫的主旨,注重繪畫作品呈現空靈與畫家性格生命的累積,藝術家應讀書萬卷培養文學素養和澄清純淨的心靈,去除與創作無關的雜念。宗白華先生說:「以宇宙人生的具體為對象,賞玩它的色相、秩序、節奏、和諧,藉以窺見自我的最深心靈的反應;化實景為虛境,創形象以為象徵,使人類最高的心靈與具體化、肉身化,這就是藝術境界」 。中國山水畫重在表現「意境」,或顯以雄奇,或顯以幽靜,或以淡泊空靈,為最高境界。而黃山山勢雄偉秀麗,雲霧繚繞山峰之中,如詩如畫的景色,似如神妙仙境般的美麗。虛無飄渺的雲海煙嵐的變化,就好比一幅中國山水畫,黃山之景襯托出「山」的靈性,「山」為實,「雲」為虛,在這實、虛之間,呈現出中國山水畫中所謂的「意境」。 既然藝術創作是創造者在生活與大自然的種種體驗,在透過創作者的看法及思維後才能找到自己所想要表達的發揮在自己得創作作品上,因此,筆者藉由此次黃山「師造化,得心源」的所有體驗及領悟自然、現實與人生化成一個心靈世界賦予畫作成為人修為的呈現,對一位藝術創作者來說,是非常重要,這樣體悟才能尋求或展現個人獨特風格。 關鍵字:意境、黃山、中國繪畫
Summary Artistic creation comes from the artist’s thinking and hearing of the existed environment, putting affections on the objects or traveling with the heart, breading the joy of mind consideration in the realm of nature, reality and life. If you want to further deepen in the deep plowing situation, you should use multiple ink skills to make the gradations free and easy, disburdening the traditional ink skills, as said by the Qing Dynasty Master Shi Tao: "ink should follow the times" Chinese people particularly like to say the word "territory", such as the living surrounding called environment, the matter encountered called situation, the unfavorable situation or background of events, facts or things called circumstances, the actual status or virtual plot called context, the situation involved called condition. Hart has metal state, People have human habitations, idea has artistic conception, Fairy has fairyland. People’s metal status actually made from hart, which should have high realm with its own high style. As the old saying in the Buddhism: "Joyful when the environment is willing to the heart, boring when the hart follow the situation." "Artistic Conception" is the theme of Chinese painting, which emphasizes the accumulation of the ethereal showed by painting works and painter’s character life. The artist should read the book to cultivate literary literacy and clarify the pure mind, removing the distracting thoughts nothing to do with the creator. Mr. Zong Baihua said: "Take the specific life of the universe as the object, to enjoy its hue, order, rhythm, harmony, in order to glimpse the reaction of the deepest heart; Turn the real situation to be the virtual environment, create image as a symbol, so that the highest human soul become concretizing and incarnated. That is the realm of art. " Chinese landscape painting in the performance of "artistic conception ", taking magnificent, quiet, or indifferent ethereal as the highest level. The Huangshan Mountain is majestic and beauty, which around with the clouds, appearing a wonderful fairyland-like beauty picturesque scenery, and looks like a Chinese landscape painting. Huangshan Mountain set off the "mountain" spirituality, "mountain" is real, "cloud" is virtual. Between the real and virtual, it shows the so called artistic conception in China’s landscape painting. Artistic creation is the creator’s colorful experience in all life and nature. Through the views and thinking of the creator can find what they want to express and play in their own works. All the experience of "good fortune, get the heart" and understanding of nature, reality and life turn into a spiritual world to show the man’ cultivation by the painting, which is very important to an artistic creator, so that understanding can seek or show the individual unique style. Keywords : artistic conception, Huangshan, Chinese painting 目 次
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