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Title: 不尋常的日常 – 林淑琴創作論述
“Unfamiliar everyday-life” – The Study of Shu-Chin Lin’s Painting
Authors: 陳貺怡
Lin, Shu-Chin
Keywords: 照相寫實主義
daily life
Jeff Wall
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: 此研究探討照相寫實主義的美學價值、照相寫實主義與心靈作用之間的相依性、詭異情感與反覆揭露的孩童回憶之間的關係,以及在混和圖像符號與自身經驗與知識之後所理解的文化內涵。 筆者的繪畫創作作品經由熟悉的日常物件,寫實技法以及安置隱匿符號的組合構成,使觀者在第一接觸時感到自然、無違和感、毫無防備的全然接受。但當通過仔細審查,觸及陌生的符號的過程,一種難以言喻的感覺油然而生,是文化的隔閡?是陌生感?是不協調感?還是似曾相識?經過這些生產出來的疑惑,企圖激發觀者的個人經驗與異地知識,因為文化隔閡甚至於好奇心,進而追溯每一個物件背後隱晦的文化語彙,引發更深層的文化探討,並且藉由這些過程,思考個人的存在價值。
This essay explores the aesthetics of Photorealism, the correlation between Photorealism and mental activities, and the relation between the uncanny and childhood memory. Besides, this essay discusses the culture behind the paintings after spectators receive and integrate special symbols, personal experiences and knowledge. Each of my artworks consists of a banal object, a truthful representation of subject matters and an obscure symbol. At first glance, my artwork makes spectators feel that it is so familiar and natural that it is easy to understand. After examination, a strange feeling that is hard to explain emerges while they are perusing an exotic symbol in the painting. Is it because of the unfamiliar culture? Is it because of sheer unfamiliarity? Is it because of disharmony? Or is it because of a feeling of déjà vu? The purpose of this essay is to motivate spectators to use their personal experience and the knowledge of foreign culture to find out the causes of the strange, unexplainable feeling. Out of curiosity, they might want to deliberate the meaning of each object in the painting, ponder the different cultures across the globe, and reflect on the meaning of being a human being.
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