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Title: 自編藝術課程之合作行動研究
Research for Co-operative Action Inquiry of Self-edited Arts Curriculum
Authors: 袁汝儀
Keywords: 自編藝術課程
Self-edited Arts Curriculumc
ooperative action inquiry
Issue Date: 2002
Abstract: 本研究乃基於教改趨勢對教師自編課程期待的觀察,以及透過行動研究增進教師專業知能的關心。與基層教師合作,開展一學期的自編藝術課程與教學行動,目的在了解自編藝術課程之規劃與實施的歷程,以及以合作行動研究法進行自編藝術課程的意義。 本研究先行探討相關的文獻資料,並增加對於研究場域的了解;再以合作行動研究為方法,與合作的教師共同規劃課程以及實際進行教學。從民國八十九年十月至九十年一月教學期間,發展持續性的對話,有系統的由行動中反省教學的工作習慣,以及修正課程發展的方向。獲致以下研究結果: 1、教學者對於教學場域的了解,會影響自編藝術課程規劃的方式、內涵,以及課程設定的目標。 2、教學者對於教學場域的了解,也會影響自編藝術課程發展的方向,以及實施的策略。 3、透過合作行動研究發展的反省性對話,能揭露影響課程規劃與實施的因素,使研究參與者產生對於教學場域再理解的動力。 最後,建議欲以合作行動研究從事自編藝術課程研究者: 1、對於所處教學場域保持持續性的了解和反省。 2、對於課程結果或是合作行動研究效能,採取延緩評價的態度。 3、針對本研究所提出「控制」之研究結果,可進一步探究教室權力運作與知識支配的關係。
As the expectation for self-edited arts curriculum in education reform and the idea of improving teachers’ profession by co-operative action inquiry emerge, the primary prospect of this research was to understand the following through a practical case. There are two purposes of the study: 1.The process of planning self-edited arts curriculum and putting into practice; 2. The meaning of undertaking self-edited arts curriculum by Co-operative action inquiry. By discussing literatures, the researcher got more ideas of the education field. Then, this research adopts the method of Co-operative action inquiry, cooperating with the local teacher, planning and putting the arts curriculum into practice. Meanwhile, we developed reflection dialogue in last, to discover unconscious tacit knowledge, and to clear the way of curriculum development. The study yields the following conclusions: 1. The local teacher’s understanding on the education field indeed influences the content, texture, purpose of the self-edited arts curriculum. 2. The local teacher’s understanding on the education field indeed influences the way of curriculum development and the teaching strategy. 3. Through developing reflection dialogue by co-operative action inquiry, the research participators can discover the factors influencing the plan and implement of arts curriculum, and renew the understanding on education field. To sum up, a couple of suggestions are proposed in this study to someone who volunteers being engaged in self-edited arts curriculum by co-operative action inquiry: 1. Keep understanding and introspecting on local education field. 2. To adopt conservative attitude on curricular effects and action conclusion. 3. According to the temporary conclusion -“control”, the study brings up suggestions on “power/ knowledge” interaction for future further researches.
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