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Title: 跳塔的人
Man Jumping over the Tower
Authors: 施並錫
Bin Shi Shu
Li Ling Huang
Keywords: 地表
Earth face
cultural landscape
Issue Date: 2000
Abstract: 跳塔的人 九二一這場致使臺灣近2500人罹難的震災,引起全球的關注!所以我開始思索:地球、地表、和生命的關係。 站在地表上的人們,無異於螞蟻。從外太空望向地球,看不到螞蟻,也看不到人群,就算最大的哺乳動物「鯨魚」也看不到,這些「小」生命想要在地表上耍些花樣,真得靠「時間」和「毅力」才累積得出結果。 宇宙的規律是不停的變動,地球是其中的一個天體,也就必須依循這個規律,而且追蹤地球生態系統變化的科學家也已經得到一個結論,自然界中沒有穩定不變的生態系統,這一切永遠在變,不論是否有人類插手。既然變動是無法避免的規律,地裡景觀、人文景觀的變遷也就只是此規律中的一小環。比之地球和宇宙的「變」,地表生命的變實在難以察覺。地震,火山,河川改道,氣後驟變,冰原溶化……,地表的任何一個小變動都可能斷絕許多生命。縱使環保團體強加呼籲著「保護地球生態,減少環境破壞」,實際上這顯然高估了人類的能力,人類不可能脫離宇宙的規律,棄變動而保持不變的。 如果地球能夠一直溫柔的對待人類,「駭客任務」的虛擬世界也許會實現,那麼今日的萬里長城將會被當作山脈看待,建築物凋敝的斷垣就成了堅硬的裸岩,而垃圾山正是我們文明流傳久遠的標誌,失落的古城將會被視為自然景觀中的一種生痕化石。  基於此,本篇論文將由人類在史上不同階段的宇宙觀出發;探討人類的築巢行為所衍生的地理景觀與人文景觀的變貌,並以地景藝術、數位化藝術作結。
Man Jumping over the Tower Summary: The earthquake happening on the 21st of September 1999, attracted the worldwide attention for its tragic result of the death of 2500 people in Taiwan, inspired me to look into the relationship among Earth, it surface and life. Human beings on the earth are no different from the ants. If looking from the outer space, no ants, no human beings, even no whales, the largest mammal on earth are visible. Therefore, the littleness of those lives can only be stood out by the accumulation of time and persistence. The rule of the universe is the never-ceasing change. And since Earth is one of the members in the universe, it should follow this rule as well. In addition to this, the scientists who traced the change of ecological systems on Earth have also came to the conclusion that no stable, unchangeable ecological system exists in Nature. Everything changes in spite of the fact that mankind interferes or not. Since change is the rule which is inevitable, the variation of the geographical and cultural landscape, is consequently the small part of the rule. Comparing to the change of Earth and the universe, the change of the lives on earth is too insignificant to notice. The earthquake, volcano, drastic difference of the climate, melting of the iceberg, one of which happens can take away as many lives as it can. Even though the environmental protection groups emphasize over and over that people should protect the earth and reduce any environmental destruction, the truth is that they obviously overestimate the ability of mankind, for it is impossible for human beings to disobey the rule of the universe and to keep unchangeable. If the earth can treat mankind with tenderness, then the virtual world in “Matrix” may come true. At that time, today’s Great Wall of China will be considered as the mountain, the broken part of the architecture will be the hard rock, the mountain of trash will definitely be the ever-lasting symbol of our civilization, and the lost city will be treated as the fossil in the natural landscape. Based on this, this essay begins from various viewpoint of the universe which developed at different stage of human history, then to explore the changing facets of the geographical and cultural landscape resulting from the inhabitation of mankind, and ends with geographical and digital arts.
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