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Title: 漢字字元設計應用 漢文字在視覺傳達設計上的表現
Authors: 蘇茂生
Keywords: 漢字
Abstract: 本研究主題,意在重新發揚中國文字在設計上應用的價值。中國文字由象形文字之圖案特性,演變至今日符號性的單元體,而在設計上筆者意圖在將其回歸至圖案化的特性上。並且以漢文字之與意、語音的相關性與趣味性,作為設計表現的主題與手法。 運用電腦影像處理軟體工具的方便性,為文字在設計上的應用,展現另一新地思考方向。 本創作主題的定位,不在於作複雜炫麗的影像合成,或表現影像合成在設計上的強大功能;而意在探究文字在視覺傳達設計上表現的開發空間。
The main theme of current study is to value to the beauty of Chinese character and how it could be related to visual design. The Chinese words were characterized by the graphics of hicroglyphics in the very old time. And they had been transformed into the symbolic units today. However, the author intend to make it back its graphic character. Also, the humorous relations between sounds and meanings will be taken into consider. Of course, the booming of computer technology also creates wild and abundant possibilities for Chinese character design. Thus, the main focus of this study is not showing the great power of computer technology or how complicated the computer could accomplish, but demonstrating how visual design could help words talk.
Other Identifiers: 85NTNU3233021
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