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Title: 利用腦磁圖儀探討生理痛及精油芳香對工作記憶之認知面向研究
The Research of Utilizing Magnetoencephalography to Investigating the Influence in Cognitive Dimension of Working Memory Via Dysmenorrhea and Aromatherapy
Authors: 廖書賢
Liao, Shu-Hsien
Liao, Hsiung-Yi
Keywords: 腦磁圖儀系統
Working memory test
α wave
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 本研究探討由工作記憶對女性生理痛以及透過芳香精油對認知面向的影響。在實驗過程中,我們主要用腦磁圖儀(MEG)測量受試者的大腦活動和行為的數據。 這項研究總共有18位健康女性參與實驗,並使用了全腦式306 陣列感測器腦磁圖儀(Magnetoencephalography, MEG)記錄了四種狀態,正常狀態、正常芳香精油狀態、生理期狀態和生理芳香精油狀態期間的行為表現、放鬆期間大腦α波強度和M170腦區活化強度。在實驗之前,受試者必須填寫疼痛強度量表。實驗設計如下:首先,受試者將看到連續5個0~9隨機的數。接下來,屏幕上將顯示兩個數字,然後受試者必須回答這兩個數字是否與先前出現的數字相同。在這項研究中,我們記錄了M170出現的時間、在M170出現時腦區活化強度和答題反應時間和正確率。 這些參與者在生理痛狀態(生理、生理芳香精油)和正常狀態(正常、正常芳香精油)相比表現出更高的疼痛評分。在放鬆期間大腦α波強度,正常芳香精油狀態與生理芳香精油狀態期間幾乎上升了。視覺工作記憶測試通過MEG和MRI分析在枕下顳葉周圍引起M170潛伏期的時空分辨率和活化源強度之高時空分辨率。與活化源強度相比,生理痛期間,給予芳香精油後活化源強度降低,驗證芳香精油對生理痛狀態影響之效應。
This research investigated the influence on Cognitive Dimension of female dysmenorrhea and aromatherapy via working memory. We mainly used magnetoencephalography (MEG) to collect subjects’ brain activity and behavior data during the experiment. This study totally has eighteen healthy women who joined the experiment and used a whole head sensor array (306 channels) (MEG) to record the four conditions for (Normal) , (Normal Aromatherapy) (Dysmenorrhea) and (Dysmenorrhea Aromatherapy) behavioral performance,brain α wave intensity during relaxing time, appearance time of M170 and current dipole intensity of M170 brain sources.The subject have to fill in the pain intensity scales before her experiment.The experiment was designed as follow: First of all, subject will see a number set. Next the screen will be displayed two numbers, then the subject has to make a decision whether these two numbers are as same as the previous number set or not.In this study, we recorded appearance time of M170, current dipole intensity of M170 brain sources, percent correct and reaction time. These participants displayed higher pain scores in dysmenorrhea period with (Dysmenorrhea, Dysmenorrhea Aromatherapy) virsus (Normal,Normal Aromatherapy).brain α wave intensity during relaxing time almost increased during the condition of aromatherapy.Visual working memory test evoked high spatio-temporal resolution of M170 latency and dipole intensity around the inferior occipitotemporal cortex by MEG and MRI analysis In comparison of Current dipole intensity, almost reduced during the condition of aromatherapy. However the condition of dysmenorrhea generally was rose. Describe the effect of essential Aromatherapy for Dysmenorrhea.
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