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Title: 古典音樂與流行音樂之配器發展與應用
The Development and Application of Orchestration in Classical and Popular Music
Authors: 李和莆
Lee, Wen-Pin Hope
Chen, Pei-Ying
Keywords: 古典音樂
Classic Music
Popular Music
Orchestration and Instrumentation
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討古典音樂與流行音樂配器之發展脈絡與應用,採取文獻研究法。筆者蒐集音樂音響學於各時期的發展脈絡、配器的定義、音樂創作的前景、中景與背景等三面向之文獻作為研究初步設計依據。經由文獻蒐整,梳理文藝復興時期至20世紀管弦樂團以及19至20世紀流行樂團編制的形成與發展脈絡,並以各時期之作品作為佐證。完成統整分析後,筆者分別藉由蓋希文(George Gershwin, 1898-1937)的《藍色狂想曲》(Rhapsody in Blue, 1924)得知古典音樂中的流行元素;英國普洛柯哈倫(Procol Harum)樂團的《蒼白的淺影》(A Whiter Shade of Pale, 1967)了解流行音樂中的古典元素。在分析二曲後筆者認為,古典音樂與流行音樂創作在和聲與配器之間的語法轉換上必然會受到不同時代背景及歷史脈絡傳承的影響,而產生對於聲響美學的不同想法,但二者之間的交互影響卻也是不容忽視。最後,根據研究結論提出建議,提供未來相關研究參考。
This study applies literature research methods to explore the development and application of orchestration in both Classical and Popular music. The author gathered literature from three different perspectives to form the basis of this research. First, development of musical acoustics in various periods; Second, Orchestration definition; Third, Foreground, Middleground, and Background of music composition. The formation and development of the orchestra from the Renaissance to the 20th century, and the organizations of popular music bands from the 19th to 20th centuries were used as evidence. After completing the comprehensive analysis, the author learned the popular elements in classical music through George Gershwin’s (1898-1937) Rhapsody in Blue (1924) and learned the classical elements in popular music through Procol Harum’s A Whiter Shade of Pale (1967). After analyzing these two pieces, the author feels that the syntax transformation between harmony and orchestration in the classical and popular music will inevitably be influenced by the background of different eras and the inheritance of historical context. Although they have different ideas about acoustic aesthetics, the interaction between the two cannot be ignored. According to the research result, the author made some recommendations to provide references for future related research.
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