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Title: 柴可夫斯基:《第五號交響曲》之指揮詮釋
The Conducting Interpretation of Tchaikovsky’s Fifth Symphony
Authors: 許瀞心
Hsu, Ching-Hsin
Chang, Chih-Yao
Keywords: 柴可夫斯基
Tchailkovsky’s Fifth symphony
Riccardo Muti
Conducting interpretation
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 本論文為柴可夫斯基《第五號交響曲》之音樂分析及指揮詮釋。本論文將由第一章「緒論」、第二章「柴可夫斯基之生平與音樂創作」、第三章「《第五號交響曲》創作背景」、第四章「《第五號交響曲》之樂曲分析」、第五章「《第五號交響曲》之指揮詮釋」以及第六章「結論」六個章節來研究柴可夫斯基之創作理念及特色。指揮詮釋介重研究者舉辦碩士畢業音樂會親自從排練至演出之指揮實踐,探討《第五號交響曲》之指揮詮釋。
This thesis is a study of musical analyis and conducting interputation of Tchailkovsky’s Fifth symphony. The thesis include the analysis of Tchailkovsky’s cultural background, his composition, and the creative insights of his Fifth symphony. The conducting interpretation also involved the resaercher’s preparation process culminating in presenting in a public performance.
Other Identifiers: G060690015M
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