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Title: 卡格爾《競技》分析研究與自我音樂創作之應用
An Analysis in Mauricio Kagel’s Match and Self-composition
Authors: 蕭慶瑜
Hsiau, Ching-Yu
Liu, Hin-Iat
Keywords: 卡格爾
Mauricio Kagel
Instrumental theater
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: 馬里奇歐.勞爾.卡格爾(Mauricio Raúl Kagel, 1931-2008)為阿根廷裔德國作曲家,亦同時身兼電影製作者、戲劇作家和演奏家等多重身分。創作初期,受安東.魏本(Anton Webern, 1883-1945)音樂的啟發,也受身為視覺藝術家之妻烏爾蘇拉.伯格哈特(Ursula Burghardt, 1928-2008)的影響,開啟了他對音樂與藝術多元結合的想法。爾後,直到1957年代,赴德國科隆,受到德國科隆電台(Westdeutscher Rundfunk, WDR)的電子音樂、機遇音樂與實驗音樂影響,開始以等方式創作,並結合音樂、戲劇、視覺藝術,創造出獨樹一幟的音樂語彙。 本文係以卡格爾之室內樂作品《競技》(Match, 1964)作為研究主題,自創作背景、曲式結構、音色與聲響設計、慣用創作技巧與結合樂器劇場(Instrumental theater)等面向切入剖析,並輔以其不同方式創作的重要代表作品,探究其音樂語彙;並進而將研究所得,體現在自我創作中。
Mauricio Raúl Kagel (1931-2008) is an Argentine-American composer and is also a film creator, theatre writer and performer. Inspired by Anton Webern’s (1883-1945) music and influenced by the visual artist of Kagel's wife, Ursula Burghardt (1928-2008), he began his thoughts on the diverse combination of music and art. After, until the 1957s, he went to Cologne, Germany, and was influenced by Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR). He began to compose Electronic music, Aleatoric music and Experimental music, and combined with music, drama and visual art to create unique Music language. This paper is based on Kagel's ensemble music work "Match" (1964) as the research theme. Analysed from the background of composition, the structure of the music, the sound and sound design, the customary creative skills and the combination of instrumental theaters, etc. The important representative works of the way of composition, explore their musical language; and then the research income, embodied in self-composition.
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