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Title: 《致我最親愛的......》流行音樂專輯詞曲創作--以德勒茲後期理論為創意基礎
“To My Dearest...” Songs Writing: Based on Post- Gilles Deleuze’s Theory
Authors: 李和莆
Lee, Wen-Pin Hope, D.M.A.
Su, Yu-Ting
Keywords: 德勒茲
Thousand Plateaus
pop music
album produce
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 《致我最親愛的......》這張專輯定位為流行音樂專輯,流行音樂專輯之創作 不同於藝術歌曲之創作,必須考量到市場,也就是一般大眾的接受度,以及是否 能有所共鳴。除了歌詞需要平易近人和情感深入外,亦須考量是否適合演唱者的 聲音與形象。在作曲上,舒適聆聽和易於傳唱的結構也是很重要的考量重點。本 文欲透過吉爾·德勒茲(Gilles Louis René Deleuze;1925-1995)後期理論之概念為 創意基礎,主要出自其《千高原》(Capitalisme et Schizophrénie 2. Mille Plateaux. , 1980)這本著作中的概念,並以其理論作為創作動機來創作一張流行音樂專輯的 詞曲。本專輯在整體文本概念、歌詞與作曲動機上以將以德勒茲的理論出發,嘗 試實踐其解疆域之概念,作為一種理論上於流行音樂領域的實踐,以期找出另外 一種可供創作思維的方法。
The album "To My Dearest..." is a popular music album. The creation of a popular songs is different from the creation of art songs. It must be considered in the market. We must consider the song which is suitable for the voice and image of the artist. In the composition, the structure of easy listening, easy to remember and easy to sing is also an important consideration. This article intends to use Gilles Louis René Deleuze (1925- 1995)'s theory as the basis for creativity from his book "Thousand Plateaus" (Capitalisme et Schizophrénie 2. Mille Plateaux., 1980) Through his theory as the motivation to create a song of a popular music album. Based on the stories, lyrics and composition motivation, this album will be based on post-Deleuze's theory. And I trying to practice its concept in Chinese popular music, in order to find a creative thinking and new method with different foundations in the field of Chinese pop music.
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