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Title: 百老匯音樂劇《真假公主》之女主角安娜塔西亞角色分析詮釋
An Analysis Interpretation of the Role of Heroine Anastasia in Broadway Musical
Authors: 梁文菁
Liang, Lia Wen-Ching
Keywords: 百老匯音樂劇真假公主
Broadway Musical Anastasia
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 本論文探討百老匯音樂劇《真假公主安娜塔西亞》,以其進行角色分析研究及詮釋報告,經由劇本中的歷史時代背景以及真實歷史角色的故事背景,更深入的研究與詮釋女主角之角色分析,在劇本的歷史故事中找到與現實社會能夠學習的地方。 《真假公主》是以俄羅斯時代,尼古拉二世末代沙皇的最小女兒安娜塔西亞的故事為整齣音樂劇的背景為主。皇室貴族因為布爾什維克軍隊滅門後,安娜塔西亞是唯一倖存者,但卻因為在逃跑途中喪失了記憶,她遺忘自己貴族皇室的身份,在外流浪徬徨,但卻常因為一個奇怪的夢境吸引她前往巴黎,到那尋找一切的答案。她遇到兩個善於欺騙的狄米其與弗拉德也即將要前往巴黎,因為他們接收到皇太后在巴黎公布出尋找孫女安娜塔西亞公主的資訊,決定將她打造成一位公主將去巴黎領懸賞金。在途中。她時常會有不經意的身體記憶,或是對一個場景似曾相識,與狄米其的歌唱時回想起那些失去的記憶,到巴黎與皇太后相認後卻沒有選擇回到皇室那屬於自己的身份,決定與狄米其繼續一起過著平凡人的生活,將貴族的身份留在過去,放下一切找回真實自己。 從女主角安娜塔西亞之角色詮釋與分析中,能夠感受到,一個女孩在陌生環境和困境中自立自強勇敢地照顧自己,但也不放棄尋找真正的自己,在劇本中有很多波折一直到在夢境中看到一道希望的光,一同呼應在現代社會中,或許會遇到非常多的挫折,但適時的停下腳步再重新勇敢往前走,會看到更多不同的選擇及方向。
This dissertation examines the Broadway musical Anastasia through detailed character analysis and interpretation completed over a comparative study of the historic context behind the Broadway musical script and the legend of Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia. Moreover, this dissertation explores the relationship between the moral of the historical plot and the society today; and seeks to perceive a new approach in which the current society can furthermore benefit from this legendary tale. Set amidst the turmoil of the Russian revolution, Anastasia reveals the story of the Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna the youngest daughter of Tsar Nicholas II, the last sovereign of Imperial Russia. As the Communist revolutionaries rose to power, the Bolsheviks aimed to exterminate the entire Russian higher society and Grand Duchess Anastasia became the sole survivor of the execution of the Romanov family. Resulted from Anastasia’s traumatic escape, the Duchess suffers from amnesia and falls into an identity crisis. Anastasia finds herself wandering on the streets but soon realizes that her mind constantly chases back to a dream that leads her to a city where all her answers are written, Paris. She stumbles across Dmitry and Vlad, two deceitful young scamps drafting a plan to escort a Duchess Anastasia imposter to Paris in exchange for a reward from the Dowager Empress. Anastasia agrees to embark on this adventure however, along the way she experiences nostalgia, déjà vu, and memories that puzzles up piece-by-piece whenever she sings with Dmitry. Everything began to remind Anastasia of the life she once lived and upon their arrival in Paris, Anastasia finally reunited with the Dowager Empress. Only, she rejected the opportunity to return to the noble life as a royal over an ordinary life with her lover Dmitry; letting go of everything only to be her true self. Through the analysis and interpretation of Anastasia’s role and character, a young girl’s self-reliance when faced with contradictions, independence when faced with isolation, and determination to chase that light of hope in her dreams collectively inspires the society today to possess the courage to strive forward when encountering problems and setbacks, as one step may open up countless perspectives and pathways.
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