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Title: 論音樂劇《芝加哥》女主角蘿西·哈特之詮釋
The Interpretation of Roxie Hart in Musical “Chicago”
Authors: 梁志民
Liang, Chi-Ming
Yu, Tzu-Yen
Keywords: 音樂劇
Roxie Hart
Fosse style
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: 本詮釋報告針對百老匯音樂劇《芝加哥》(Chicago)中女主角蘿西·哈特(Roxie Hart)做角色上的詮釋和分析,筆者在此將本文分為五章,第一章是緒論,包含本詮釋報告的研究動機與目的以及研究架構。第二章為音樂劇《芝加哥》一劇的時代背景研究,從禁酒令、槍枝氾濫、媒體壟斷、爵士樂和舞蹈風格幾個方面去做介紹。第三章分為三個小節對音樂劇《芝加哥》做詳細介紹,包含劇本起源和創作改編、劇本大綱以及劇中主要人物介紹。第四章分析女主角蘿西·哈特,包含其內外在形象塑造、與其它角色間之關係以及蘿西·哈特角色的轉變歷程。第五章為音樂劇《芝加哥》歌曲演唱詮釋分析,除了蘿西·哈特的獨唱曲目之外,亦挑選出本劇的一些經典重唱、合唱曲目進行探討,包含中英台詞對照、演唱詮釋、譜例分析。第六章則綜合了本詮釋報告以上各個章節的論述做為總結,期許筆者能在舞台上詮釋出既保留經典又有自己樣貌的蘿西·哈特。
This paper focuses on the analysis and interpretation of Roxie Hart, female protagonist of "Chicago", the Broadway Musical. Researcher conducts the study in six chapters: chapter 1 includes the motivation and structure of this very study. As for chapter 2, researcher introduces the background history of the play, Chicago, from the aspects of Prohibition Era, gun violence, media manipulation, jazz music, and Fosse style. Chapter 3 elaborates on the introduction of this musical in four parts: how an actual incident was adapted into the play, plot summary, characters, structure of the play. Chapter 4 discusses the female lead role, Roxie Hart: the analysis of her personal image, her relationship with other characters, and how she changes from the beginning to the end. In chapter 5 we discuss about her songs in the play: her solo and duets with other characters such as Velma Kelly, Billy Flynn. In this chapter also attached with Chinese/English lyrics, plots in the context, motivations of characters and their interpretations. Lastly, chapter 6 sums up the above content as the conclusion of this paper, in hopes of researcher’s recreating the role Roxie Hart on stage.
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