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Title: 從繪本、電影到劇場─人力飛行劇團幾米音樂劇《向左走,向右走》中男主角之角色分析與詮釋
From Picture Book, Film to the Theatre─The Full Scale of Analysis and Interpretations specifically on the Male Leading Role of The Musical Production〝Turn Left, Turn Right─Love or Regret〞which made by Illustrator Jimmy and the Mr.Wing Theatre Company
Authors: 黎煥雄
Li, Huan-Hsiung
Wu, Yi-Fang
Yang, Hsuan-Che
Keywords: 繪本
Picture books
Jimmy Liao
Turn Left, Turn Right
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 在繪本的世界中,除了繪畫與文字之外,還保有了大量的想像空間,讓每一位讀者可以憑藉著自身的生命經歷去填滿這些留白。就如同一個角色,經過不同的演員扮演,就賦與了這個角色不同的生命樣貌。每一個角色都是獨特的,每一篇繪本故事也都是屬於讀者自身的。 本次的詮釋報告,將對於人力飛行劇團幾米音樂劇《向左走,向右走》中的男主角做角色分析與詮釋,內容共分為七個章節。第一章講述研究動機與研究架構,第二章介紹繪本、電影、以及劇場這三種不同媒介的創作者與作品。第三章為劇本分析,筆者將先確立繪本的架構,並從此作為依據來分析音樂劇的劇本結構。第四章是音樂劇版本男主角之角色分析。第五章是歌曲分析,先作歌曲介紹,再進一步分析音樂劇劇中男主角的重要唱段。第六章為筆者根據前面章節所得的資訊,消化之後所提出的角色詮釋。第七章為本次詮釋報告的總結。
Within the world of picture books, which contains a great amount of imagination for every reader to fulfill. Apart from its paintings and written words, the imaginative space can be filled with every individual’s life experience. It is similar to this scenario: one character can be interpreted differently by different actors in their own ways. Through varied interpretations and acting, more viewpoints and discoveries are given to this precise character. If one character can be special to any one of the actors, every picture book is unique to any single reader. In this report paper of interpretation, there are seventh chapters of analysis based on the male-lead character in Mr.Wing Theatre Company’s musical production “Turn Left, Turn Right—Love or Regret” which adapted from the Taiwanese illustrator Jimmy Liao’s picture book. The first chapter describes the research motive and structure. In chapter two, by introducing three medium in original picture book, movie, and theatre, not only analyze the viewpoints, ideas, and imagine space in these works. The third chapter mainly focuses on the script analysis starting with the structure of its original picture book as basis, then compares the structure of same-titled Musical. The forth chapter is male-lead Character’s analysis, which is straightly connected to the main theme of this paper. The fifth chapter concentrates on the primary singing slot of the character and the actor’s interpretation is also addressed in detail. Chapter sixth will be my own character interpretation derived from previous research. The last chapter sums up my research paper.
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