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Title: 《樂生聲年》- 臺北市孔廟祭孔樂生習藝紀錄片
The documentary film of music performers performing for the Confucius Memorial Ceremony in Taipei
Authors: 黃均人
Chuang, Min-Tsy
Keywords: 臺北市孔廟
Taipei Confucius Temple
The Memorial Ceremony for Confucius
Shidian Etiquett
Yayue music
Yayue music performers
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: 祭孔大典又稱釋奠典禮,至今已流傳了2500年。一年一度,一場約75分鐘的祭孔大典,由祭官、禮生、樂生、佾生、饌生,前後共由上百人共同完成,可惜的是現今無論是文獻資料或是影音保存,都僅有典禮當下的紀錄。透過這些既存文獻,我們能以瞭解整場儀式是如何被呈現,卻無從得知儀式背後又是經由什麼樣的方法,一代傳一代,流傳千百年。因此本論文選擇以臺北市孔廟的樂生隊為例,對祭孔樂生進行為期一年之排練過程追蹤,再以田野筆記及紀錄片的形式,紀錄樂生的技藝傳承和成長故事。 本論文與此片相以輔佐,以分析文本、田野調查為開端,詳細紀錄本片的拍攝過程,包含前置規劃期與後製剪接期之工作歷程,將無法收錄於片中的細節記載於文本當中,讓當代的祭孔文化,有更深層更完整的紀錄。並寄望能透過紀錄片的方式,以淺顯易懂的內容親近觀眾,進而使之對此文化保存之議題產生好奇及反思。
The Memorial Ceremony for Confucius is an important traditional ritual in Chinese culture and it has been celebrated for the past 2500 years. More than hundreds of people are involved in the preparation work of this grand traditional ceremony that is held every September of the year, including the Yayue music performers, Yiwu dancers as well as people who execute the traditional ritual. Unfortunately, existing knowledge or video recordings of the ceremony only cover information or footages of the actual day. While we could possibly gain some understanding of how the ceremony is presented through these materials, there is still a lack of information on the background of why and how these ceremonial rituals are prepared and practiced over generations. As such, this thesis aims to understand the one-year preparation work that Yayue music performers put behind the Memorial Ceremony for Confucius, using the ceremony that is held at Confucius Temple in Taipei as an example. The stories of these performers are recorded in the form of field notes and presented through a documentary. This thesis supports the documentary through detailed coverage and explanation of the motivation and concept planning, as well as pre-production and post editorial process of the film. This gives a deeper and more holistic understanding of the culture of Confucius memorial ceremony. The documentary also strives to let viewers learn more about the music component of the ceremony and recognize how the ritual is produced.
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