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Title: 虛擬實境應用於室內自行車運動研究
Study on The Use of Virtual Reality to Enhance Indoor Cycling Experience
Authors: 李忠謀
Chang, Yen-Cheng
Keywords: 虛擬實境
Virtual Reality
Indoor Cycling
Panoramic Image
Motion Sickness
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 相對於戶外騎乘自行車而言,室內自行車長時間使用下來會過於枯燥乏味,讓使用者感到厭倦。有些使用者會嘗試在自行車前面擺設電視或者放置平板,撥放各式各樣的媒體內容,作為增加趣味性的方式。 本研究目的在於改善騎乘室內自行車時的使用者體驗,使用虛擬實境技術,讓使用者在騎乘室內自行車時配戴Cardboard,即可觀賞各種不同的戶外情境。為提高擬真感,影片場景亦會隨著騎乘的速度進行變化,讓體驗者有彷彿置身於戶外騎乘自行車的臨場感,改善騎乘室內自行車過於枯燥乏味的問題。 本研究透過實驗讓受試者騎乘室內自行車,比較在虛擬實境及螢幕撥放器兩種觀影情境下的感受度。研究結果發現,全景影像的觀影模式相對於螢幕撥放器的觀影方式更加吸引受試者,且能帶來如同置身於戶外騎車的臨場感,場景隨著騎乘速度變化的互動模式也讓受試者給出相當高的評價。但在使用虛擬實境進行室內自行車運動時,需要提供穩定的影片情境,降低動暈症的發生機會。
Compared with outdoor cycling, indoor cycling will be too boring to ride for a long time and make users feel tired. Users will try to place a TV or a tablet in front of the bicycle to play a variety of media content as a way to increase interest. The purpose of this research is to improve the user experience when riding indoor bicycles. Using image-based virtual reality technology, users can watch outdoor situations by wearing a Cardboard when riding indoor bicycles. In order to improve the sense of reality, the scene will also change with the speed of riding, so that the users will have a sense of presence as if outdoor cycling, and improve the boring problem. In this study, subjects ride indoorbicycles through experiments and compared their feelings under the two viewing situations of virtual reality and monitor. The results of the study found that the virtual reality viewing situation is more attractive to the subjects than the monitor viewing situation, and it can bring a sense of presence as if you are riding a bicycle outdoors. The interactive mode where the scene changes with the riding speed also make the subjects give high praise. However, when using virtual reality for indoor cycling, it is necessary to provide a stable scene to reduce the chance of motion sickness.
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