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Title: 差異化教學運用於高中體育課之行動研究
The Study of the Use of Differentiated Learning in High School Physical Education Classes
Authors: 掌慶維
Chang, Ching-Wei
Tu, Chia-Lun
Keywords: 差異化教學
differentiated instruction
physical education
swimming teaching
teaching reflection
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 本研究透過行動研究方式,旨在瞭解教師如何於高中體育課實施差異化教學,探討實施差異化教學對學習的影響,同時探究教師實施差異化教學的歷程中遭遇的困難及教學反思。研究參與對象為研究者自身及所任教高一學生一班、觀察教師1人。實施方式在游泳課實施12節差異化教學,以前測及後測比較學生的技能成長,並針對教學計畫、教師省思札記、與學生晤談做資料蒐集,綜合整理資料進行教學者的反思,已達研究目的。教學結果與文獻比較討論後得到研究結果: 一、經歷差異化教學的游泳課之後,學生的游泳技能獲得明顯的提升,也更有意願參與課程,且對於體育課實施差異化教學抱持正向肯定的態度,說明游泳課實施差異化教學是有幫助的。 二、教師在體育課實施差異化教學時遭遇的困難提出因應方法,並能從實施的歷程中獲得成長。依據結論提出建議供體育領域教師日後實施差異化教學研究及教學現場參酌。
This study was grounded in the differentiated instructional model to understand how teachers implement differentiated instructions in high school physical education lessons and, explore the impact of differentiated instructional strategies. Moreover, this study explores the difficulties encountered in the process of implementing differentiated teaching and assessment. In this study, we sought to explore physical education teachers' actual use of differentiation strategies across 12 swimming lessons. Students were then evaluated based on their skills, considering their varied learning needs. The results are as follows: Firstly, after differentiated teaching across 12 lessons, the students' swimming skills significantly improved, and they are more willing to participate in lessons. Moreover, they showed a positive attitude towards the implementation of differentiated instructions in physical education, which indicates that the implementation of differentiated teaching in swimming class is useful. Secondly, teachers who implemented differentiated teaching proposed solutions when they encounter problems during the research and assessment process. Lastly, this research will include some suggestions for physical education teachers to direct future planning for differentiated teaching.
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