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Title: 國中體育班導師基本心理需求對其動機及持續意圖之預測
The Prediction of Basic Psychological Needs on Motivation and Persistence Intention Among Athletic Class Teachers in Junior High School
Authors: 季力康
Chi, Li-Kang
Lee, Pei-Jung
Keywords: 自我決定理論
Self-determination theory
Persistence intention
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 目的:本研究以自我決定理論為基礎,探討國中體育班導師的自主性、勝任感、關係感等基本心理需求,是否會透過體育班導師的擔任動機,進而影響持續意圖。方法:本研究以臺灣雙北地區公立國中體育班導師為參與對象,在取得同意後進行問卷調查,其量表包含基本心理需求滿意度量表、擔任體育班導師動機量表、持續意圖量表。共發出178份問卷,剔除無效之問卷後,共回收145份有效問卷,其中男性有71人,女性有74人。結果:(一) 自主性、勝任感等基本心理需求能正向預測擔任導師的內在動機,負向預測擔任導師的無動機。(二) 擔任導師的內在動機能正向預測持續意圖;擔任導師的無動機能負向預測持續意圖。(三) 在基本心理需求是否透過擔任導師的內在動機預測持續意圖方面,體育班導師的自主性及勝任感能透過內在動機,進而正向預測持續意圖;在基本心理需求是否透過擔任導師的無動機預測持續意圖方面,體育班導師的自主性及勝任感能透過無動機,進而負向預測持續意圖;關係感無法透過擔任導師的內在動機及無動機預測持續意圖。建議:研究對象擴大至臺灣各地區的公私立國中學校、納入環境自主支持系統等外在變項、採用縱貫性研究以探討各個變項間的因果關係。
Purpose: Based on the self-determination theory, this study examines the predictive utility of basic psychological needs on motivation and persistence intention through autonomy, competence, and relatedness among the athletic class teachers in junior high school. Method: A total of 145 participants 71 males and 74 females were recruited from public junior high school teachers of Taipei City and New Taipei City in Taiwan. These participants were requested to complete Basic Psychological Needs in Satisfaction Scale, the Motivation Being an Athletic Class Teacher in Junior High School Scale, and the Persistence Intention Scale after receiving the informed consent. Results: (1) Basic psychological needs such as autonomy and competence positively predicted the intrinsic motivation and negatively predict amotivation for being an athletic class teacher. (2) The intrinsic motivation of becoming an athletic class teacher positively predicted the persistence intention. On the other hand, amotivation negatively predicted the persistence intention. (3) Regarding the mediating effect of intrinsic motivation and amotivation between basic psychological needs and persistence intention, the results indicated that autonomy and competence positively predicted intrinsic motivation and then positively predicted persistence intention, autonomy and competence negatively predicted motivation and then negatively predicted persistence intention. However, relatedness could not predict persistence intention through intrinsic motivation and amotivation. Future work: Expand the study to public and private schools in different areas in Taiwan, considering variables such as environmental autonomy-support and adopt longitudinal research in reviewing causality between variables.
Other Identifiers: G0506303308
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