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Title: 以混合研究法探討職前教師對探究與實作課程的專業需求:以臺師大理學院為例
Preservice Teachers’ Professional Demands for Inquiry and Practices Curriculum: A Mixed Method Research Conducted with Science College Students in NTNU
Authors: 劉湘瑤
Liu, Shiang-Yao
Chou, Ping-Yi
Keywords: 職前教師
scientific inquiry and practice
12-Year Basic Education
preservice science teacher
teacher education program
scientific inquiry
mixed method research
2019 curriculum
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 本研究欲探討師資生對自然科學探究與實作課程的詮釋與意象,進而分析其對於探究與實作之專業需求,俾使回饋於師資培育課程如何協助師資生獲得充分的專業訓練。本研究經過二個階段的實施,第一階段以問卷對47位大三以上的理學院師資生進行施測,並以無母數的統計方法考驗修習探究與實作課程與否對於其教學自評的影響,再從中尋找四位不同科系且曾經修過探究與實作的師資生進行晤談,以開放編碼的方式產出編碼表成為分析架構,並作為第二階段深度訪談的基礎。第二階段擴大尋找另外九位修過探究與實作的師資生,並綜合前述的晤談結果及分析架構進行資料分析,從詮釋與意象之中建構出師資生對於探究與實作的教學者、學習者與課程的圖像,並以此為基礎結合Klein與Goodlad (1978) 課程決策層次挖掘師資生對於探究與實作的專業需求。最後得出有趣的洞見並闡釋研究結論:(1)師資生對於探究與實作存有普遍且單一的定義,但在此定義之下的探究與實作之間卻存有不同的關係模型;(2)探究與實作表達豐富的內涵,不單只是課程及教學,甚至是一種研究能力、生活態度及感受的表現;(3)師資生的專業需求中除了跨領域外,更需要如何進行引導的教學與塑造探究的氛圍;(4)師資生的探究與實作旅程地圖的建立,能幫助師資培育者檢視師資生的進程及發覺其不足。
The purpose of this study is to better understand how preservice teachers from Science College in NTNU interpret the “Inquiry and Practices Course” which is adopted in our new curriculum standard and to what extend are they prepared for. Initially, I designed a quantitative study to explore whether the preservice teachers who had finished the Inquiry and Practices course early in education program could predict their performance in teaching Inquiry and Practices courses. However, the empirical results showed there existed non-significant relationship. The follow-up qualitative study was to interview 13 preservice teachers and tried to figure out how they interpret the Inquiry and Practices courses. The analysis showed that the interviewed preservice teachers had poor performance on “observe from questions” and “argument and modeling”. Surprisingly, they tended to define Inquiry and Practice like hands-on activities but differently interpretd to the relationship between Inquiry and Practices. In addition, I claimed a preservice teachers’ customer journey map for Inquiry and Practices in order to ask for more attention on guided teaching and establishing the right atmosphere for inquiry.
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