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Title: Ready-to-Eat:圖解劇場設計教材創作研究
Ready-to-Eat: A Creative Study of Infographic Teaching Materials in Theatre Design
Authors: 劉建成
Liu, Chien-Cheng
Keywords: 圖解
Theatre Design
Information Design
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 近年國內許多大專院校及高中、職表演藝術相關科系大量興起,2001年起推動九年一貫藝術教育,產生了大量對於表演藝術教育者的需求。近年從事劇場教育,發現授課老師來自不同領域,學生對文字閱讀的不耐,導致學生對於劇場的基本概念較無興趣及概念薄弱。資訊流通的社會,書籍及網路的學習便捷且完整,但蒐集資料中發現,臺灣出版的劇場相關書籍多半以擁有相關知識的人為閱讀對象,本研究希望達成三個目的,一是探討分析現有劇場圖解在資訊傳遞的角色;二是釐清臺灣劇場多元面向的原因,選定適合入門者學習的主題及內容;三是創作出易理解且有趣的劇場教學圖解。文獻探討圖解的定義及發展、臺灣劇場樣貌及劇場設計教育,透過這三個部分釐清創作的內容、手法及方向。在案例分析中透過「劇場教學圖解」整理且釐清圖解在傳遞訊息中的角色及文字與版面的比例,分類後規劃出本創作各單元圖解的樣貌。由於一般劇場教學圖解案例數較少,所以在視覺表現上採用其他領域的圖解作為案例分析,最後透過系列化的圖解,彙整出系列創作的視覺統一手法。在創作部分有「劇場空間」、「劇場人入門概念」以及「各部門專業基礎知識」等三類,共十六張作品。創作內容包含各主題的主要資訊、次要資訊及輔助資訊,色彩計畫採用劇場燈光中常見的色光紙Lee Filter,擷取三種色溫下呈現的色彩樣貌來進行創作。經過完整的創作研究過程後獲得結論如下:(1)劇場設計圖解教材若主題適合採用據實描述式,文字解說量佔畫面比例較高;(2)「據實描述式圖解」與「概念描述式圖表」交互使用,可以提高圖解的清晰度及表現性;(3)利用圖解作為劇場設計教材,有助於此領域初學者自學。
In recent years, many institutes and high schools are having more and more performing- art-related departments. After the promotion of Grade 1-9 Arts Curriculum since 2001, it has created a great need for performing arts educators. I have been devoted to theater education in recent years, and I find that students do not understand basic concepts of theater, and often feel bored with it, which might be the result of teachers coming from different fields, and students being impatient with text reading. In our information saturated society, learning with books and the Internet is convenient and enriching. However, according to my research, most of the theater-related books published in Taiwan are oriented to be read by people with pre-existing relevant knowledge. This thesis hopes to achieve three goals. The first is to explore and analyze the role of existing theater illustrations in information transmission; the second is to clarify the reasons for thewide diversity of Taiwan's theaters and then consider themes and content that are suitable for the novice; the third goal is to create easily understandable and interesting theater teaching illustrations and to discuss the definition and the development of illustrations, the appearance of Taiwan theatres and theatre design education through literature review. The thesis can help clarify the content, methods and directions of creation through these three aspects. Through “the Infographic of Theatre Teaching” in the case analysis, it sorts out and clarify the role of inforgraphic in message transmission and the ratio of text to the layout, it also classifies different inforgraphic from different units of this creation. Due to the limited number of inforgraphic in theatre teaching, which usually uses infographic from other fields and then compile the unified visual method through serialized infographic. In the creative part, there are three categories: "theatre space", "the basic concept of theatre to the novice" and "basic professional knowledge of each departments", with a total of 16 works. The content includes the primary information, secondary information and auxiliary information of each theme. The color plan uses the Lee Filter, which is commonly used in theatre lighting, and I pick the colors presented at three different color temperatures to create. After completing the creative research process, the conclusions are as follows: (1) If the theme of the theatre design infograpgic’s teaching materials is suitable for the factual description, the amount of text explanations will account for a higher proportion of the layout; (2) The interactive use of "the factual description illustration" and "the concept description illustration" can improve the clarity and expressiveness of infographic; (3) Using infographic as teaching materials for theatre design helps the novice in this field to learn by themselves.
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