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Title: 應用擴增實境於動態標誌之創作研究——以高雄城市意象為例
Applying Augmented Reality on Dynamic Logo—Using Kaohsiung City Image as Example
Authors: 廖偉民
Liao, Wei-Ming
Keywords: 擴增實境
Augmented Reality
Dynamic logo
City image
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 應用擴增實境於廣告行銷是近年來熱門的手法,然而應用於城市行銷的研究非常少。城市行銷理論透過城市品牌聚焦城市的特色與發展願景,提升消費者對城市的認知、引起消費者的興趣,為城市帶來更多的效益。本研究探討擴增實境應用於動態標誌(Dynamic Logo)之創作,以高雄城市意象為例;以吳亭葶(2018)的城市動態標誌設計研究為基礎,進一步發展動態化的動態標誌,應用擴增實境技術表現高雄城市意象。本研究目的包括:(1)分析擴增實境發展現況與優勢;(2)透過原型設計評估其吸引力及趣味性;(3)運用擴增實境於高雄城市意象。本研究流程首先透過文獻探討擴增實境技術與優勢、動態標誌與城市標誌設計;了解高雄城市特色與發展願景,歸納出自然、景點、活動三大主題,設計城市動態標誌與標誌變化;使用原型設計與認知趣味性問卷,了解擴增實境標誌的認知趣味性評價;利用Artivive 擴增實境平台製作擴增實境效果。根據以上研究,本研究結論,擴增實境結合虛擬內容與真實環境,具有即時性、視覺化以及互動性的優勢,可應用於說明、導覽、註釋、教育、訓練、工程與維修。根據問卷分析結果,擴增實境動態標誌能增加觀者對標誌的興趣,增加注目程度,以增加觀者對城市意象的情境投入,和持續使用及分享的意願。本研究應用擴增實境創作城市動態標誌,其創作成果於108年6 月,在台北市大安區銀河94 藝廊展出。
Applying augmented reality (AR) in marketing has been popular in these years, but there are few studies about city marketing. City brands were used to concentrate a city’s images and development policies, arousing people’s awareness of the city, rising their interests, desires, and making them take action. A city brand could bring the city more benefits. This study investigated creating dynamic AR logos to promote Kaohsiung city images. The creation was based on Wu ting-ting’s study (2018) on dynamic city logo design, and go further to motion logos and AR technology. The purposes of this study included: (1) Surveying the development and features of augmented reality; (2)Estimating the perceived playfulness of AR logos; (3) Applying AR on Kaohsiung city images. The process of this study was literature discussion on AR’s technics and features; Researching on Kaohsiung city images and development vision, this study concluded three topics of Kaohsiung city, “Nature”, “Spots” and “Activities”; Using Artivive platform to make AR, and estimating the playful awareness of AR logo by prototyping and questionnaire. In conclusion, augmented reality combines virtual and real environments. It features “real-timing”, “visualization” and “interactivity”, this technic could help on instruction, navigation, notation, education, training, engineering and maintenance. The questionnaire result showed that the dynamic AR logo could draw audience’s attention, and increased their interests, and make city images more immersing. People would more like to use or share it. The creation of this study exhibited at the Gallery Yinhe 94, in Daan District, Taipei City, in June 2020.
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