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Title: 普普藝術風格圖像創作研究以蝙蝠造型為例
Pop Art Style Image Creation Research For example with the bat shape
Authors: 許和捷
Hsu, Ho-Chieh
Liao, Yu-Min
Keywords: 蝙蝠
pop art
animal preservation
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 在中國傳統文化之中,蝙蝠代表的是福氣。但,在西方國家中,蝙蝠則是邪惡的代表。蝙蝠兼具祈福正面及神秘負面的形象,這加深本研究對蝙蝠不同符號概念的興趣。本次研究目的是想了解蝙蝠造形發展脈絡,其次了解成功案例的發展特點,從中分析可運用之處。最後,透過創作對研究結果加以驗證。在個案研究部分,以普普風、當代蝙蝠圖像與圖案為主的文創商品等三個部分進行。取樣原則中,普普風是以創作者為近代商業設計師或藝術家,其作品以平面、包裝、印花商品為主,產品風格有個人特色具高辨識度被歸類為普普藝術者。另外,當代蝙蝠圖像部分,設定從知名的設計圖片分享平台Pinterest以及Behance為資料取得來源。在文創商品部分,設定以台灣自有品牌、以圖案設計為主、具有知名度與影響力。經由個案的發展與了解,為創作執行奠定堅實的基礎。本研究經由歷史脈絡分析發現蝙蝠圖像,在當代東方社會依然頗具影響力。藉由個案研究分析擬定蝙蝠圖像結合普普風格的創作方向。其創作成果獲得黃金蝙蝠生態館認可,創作成果未來應用符合場館需求。本次研究成果獲雲林黃金蝙蝠生態館肯定,提供用以後續商品衍伸開發。從生態館的店鋪商品改變提升營收,讓蝙蝠館在後續推廣教育、保育等有更多充足可運用的資源,具有設計實務應用之具體價值。
In traditional Chinese culture, bats are considered a symbol of prosperity and good luck, whereas in the West, these animals are often associated with malevolence and mystery. Centered upon the two-fold traits that bats embody, this research looks into the bat symbols, analyzing how the images of bats are presented in art and studying cases in which bat images are effectively used. For the case studies of this research, pop art creations, bat images, and cultural products containing pattern designs were selected based on the following principles and then analyzed. First, pop artworks chosen for this study were limited to those created by contemporary commercial designers or artists whose major works are graphic, packaging, and pattern designs, and with styles that are considered distinctively pop-art. Second, contemporary images of bats were collected from two popular image sharing and social media platforms, Pinterest and Behance. Third, the selection of cultural products was restricted to pattern designs by well-known, influential Taiwanese brands. The results of the case studies helped lay a foundation for a new creation: one that combines the bat image with pop art. Moreover, through an analysis of historical contexts, it was understood that the bat images still have considerable influences in the Eastern society. This new creation has been accepted by the Formosan Golden Bat’s home in Yunlin and will be employed in the designs of the museum’s souvenirs. It is hoped that these new products will help increase the revenue of the museum’s gift shop, ultimately providing the museum with more resources and economic support for bat preservation and education.
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