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Title: 插畫應用於過勞議題之環境廣告創作研究
Research and Creation of Ambient Advertising-Combining Illustration with Burn-Out Issues
Authors: 廖偉民
Keywords: 環境廣告
Ambient Advertising
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: 2019年世界衛生組織於國際疾病分類第11版中,明確將過勞定義為執業環境中,由長期工作壓力導致的綜合症狀。過勞長期存在於台灣職場中,嚴重威脅勞工的健康安全。國外時常使用“環境廣告”作為向民眾倡導各項健康或社會議題的方式,然而國內學術領域對環境廣告的研究甚少;不僅如此,本研究亦觀察到在過往環境廣告案例中,少以插畫作為視覺表現。因此本研究採內容分析法,以2014至2018年間,坎城國際創意節(Cannes Lions)環境廣告類中108件得獎作品為樣本,使用自訂類目分析其表現手法特徵與趨勢;另外分析使用插畫表現之環境廣告22件,以及插畫式戶外廣告19件,共計41件案例後,統整插畫表現應用於環境廣告時的設計準則。研究結果顯示環境廣告可區分為8種類別;分別為「人接收靜態訊息」、「觀看他人操作過程」、「人接收動態訊息」、「人與靜動態物體互動」、「自行操作產生動態」、「人與動態物體互動」、「人觀看活動演出」、「人參與活動演出」。整體而言,環境廣告特色有:(1)發展出以活動為載體之形式,使受眾投入更長時間的參與,處理更多訊息;(2)著重於提供具實質功能之行銷物吸引目標受眾參與體驗;(3)結合智慧型手機與網路使用,引導受眾透過拍照上傳社群網站或掃描條碼等方式與廣告產生互動。而以插畫作為環境廣告主體時,多數表現傾向於刻畫細節、造型與線條繁複、使用裝飾性線條、圖樣及符號。本研究創作內容部分,採幽默訴求結合漫畫表現的形式,分別使用「接收靜態訊息」、「與靜態物體互動」、「接收動態訊息」、「參與活動演出」等四種類型創作五件過勞議題環境廣告。其中「#Save Nurses Lives」與「提神法寶包」兩件作品主題為闡述護理師與客運駕駛兩種高風險職業之過勞現況;「半年後的似顏繪」、「過勞救星」、「提神不如提告」三件作品則旨在提升大眾對過勞議題之認識。透過創作發現:造型與線條簡約之漫畫風格結合幽默訴求,能使沈重的過勞議題以輕鬆的方式表現。此種插畫表現形式能使參與受眾對廣告抱持正向的態度,並具有高度意願採取實際行動,分享廣告資訊以協助改善台灣的過勞問題。
“Burn-out” has been defined as an occupational phenomenon in the 11th Revision of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11) in 2019. It is a syndrome resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed. In Taiwan, this phenomenon can often be found in every workplace and it poses a great threat to workers of their physical and mental health. “Ambient advertising” is a creative, non-standard form of outdoor advertising which frequently used to promote the awareness of serious issues worldwide. However, there are few academic researches about this topic in Taiwan. Moreover, illustration was seldom used as visual expression in the historic cases of ambient advertising. This paper uses a content analysis approach to (1) analyze the characteristics and trends of ambient advertising practice and to (2) integrates the design principle of ambient advertising which contains illustration expressions. The samples were selected from awarded pieces of Cannes Lions from 2014 to 2018. Study 1 (n=108) shows that ambient advertising can be divided into 8 categories: “receiving static messages”, “observing others”, “receiving pop messages”, “interacting with static medium”, “making dynamic situation by self-operation”, “interacting with dynamic medium”, “watching a show ”, “being involved in an event”. The results show that (1) people spend more time dealing with more information when involved in an event. (2) Most ambient advertising attracts target audiences to interact with static medium by providing promotional items of actual effect. Study 2 (n = 41) confirmed that the visual expression of illustrations applied by ambient advertising are more detailed, using more decorative elements with lines, graphics and signs. As for the creative content part, comics style and humorous appealing were adopted to address the burn-out issue. The present article created 5 ambient advertisements with four features. The purpose of the works#Save Nurses Lives and Refreshing tricks is to present the burn-out situation of two occupations (nurses and bus drivers). The other three works, Help You Out, Future portrait and Stop Enduring are trying to improve public awareness of burn-out issue. This method of execution makes heavy issue more easily to be seen and raises audience willingness to share this information to others.
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