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Title: 2020年東京奧運廣告海報之創作研究-以影像與線條融合表現方式為例
2020 Games of the Tokyo Olympic ─ Advertising and Communication Research Presented Form by Line and Image
Authors: 許和捷
Keywords: 奧運
Advertising design
Image expression
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 本研究針對奧林匹克運動會廣告設計之影像表現方式進行研究。研究目的以一、藉由探討當代廣告設計發展脈絡,並整理出相關應用手法,二、進一步經由搜集奧林匹克運動會官方廣告內容,歸納並分析出此類型商品視覺應用之設計風格與表現形式。再以個案研究法深入搜集近三屆2008北京、2012倫敦與2016里約奧運官方平面廣告,探討奧運廣告內容的演變與策略、內容設計表現手法之間的關係;並以線條為要素應用的風格表現為主,分析國內外知名個案之平面廣告。三、綜合上述研究結果,透過線條、色彩、影像佈局技術等視覺語言結合不同影像設計表現手法進行創作。設定以「運動」、「日本」、「線條」三元素作為平面廣告畫面佈局主要內容,創作出四系列主題,分別為飲食東京系列、建築東京系列、文化東京系列、歷史東京系列,每系列皆有三張創作作品,透過創作印證融合線條是最能表現出運動的律動特性與軌跡。因此,本研究整體價值與主要發現在於:一、當代廣告設計之表現風格手法已朝向多元發展。二、經分析近三屆之奧運官方海報,皆會以融合當地文化特色作主要表現。三、本創作以融合線條之表現方式能展現文化與運動之特質。四、此次文化系列中所嘗試的武士刀作為海報創作元素,取材難免會讓人產生負面聯想,但實際將作品展示後,並無否定回饋,甚至不排斥認為創意本就該無邊界。或許日本給大眾普遍較拘謹的印象,也許他們不敢嘗試或避免做的,對我們來說,會有其實驗性質與機會點。
This study focuses on the image representation of the advertising design of the Olympic Games. The research aim to explore the development of advertising design, and to analysis the elements and style. Second, summarize and analyze the style of the official advertising content of the Olympic Games. Then the case study was to collect the three official print advertisements of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, London 2012, and the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, and to explore between the evolution of Olympic advertising content, strategies, and design performance, then analysis on well-known brands’ print advertisements. Base on the result we found, through the visual and lines or colors to create the creations. The design creations have three elements: "sports", "Japan" and "lines", these are set as the main content of the print advertisement layout. Four series of themes have been created, Tokyo food series, Tokyo architectural series, Tokyo cultural series, Tokyo historical series, each series has three creative works, and through these works and research, lines are the most expressive of the movement. Therefore, the value and main findings of this study as follows: First, the advertising design has been diversified. Second, according to analysis, the official posters of the Olympic Games in the past three years mainly created base on local cultural characteristics. Third, this four series with line elements can express the characteristics of the culture and movement. Fourth, used samurai’s sword as creative element in Tokyo cultural series poster will inevitably think about negative part, but after this poster was actually displayed, there is no negative feedbacks, and people think it does not even rule. They all agreed creative should have no boundaries. Maybe Japanese give the public a serious impression, or maybe they dare try or avoid something could be out chances and opportunity.
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