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Title: 臺灣日式風格動漫英雄角色分析與創作–以九型人格為例
An Analysis and Creation of Taiwanese Hero Character with Anime Style: A Case Study of Enneagram
Authors: 張晏榕
Yen-Jung Chang
Yu lee
Keywords: 日本動漫
Trans-media creative
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 日本動漫文化開創了流行風潮,動漫產業不僅影響了臺灣,全世界的動漫作品都深受日本風格影響。在眾多動漫題材中英雄類型廣受世界各地的歡迎,其中角色為創作動漫畫的劇本上一個重要的元素。本研究以臺灣文化為背景設定創作專屬於臺灣的動漫英雄角色,並探討日本動漫中英雄角色特質,運用九型人格製表分析特質套用於創作角色上,進一步以跨媒體的方式去創作英雄角色相關的短篇漫畫、遊戲與網頁。 根據文獻探討得出能夠透過九型人格學中的RHETI分析系統將選擇出的日本動漫英雄角色的人格特質分析,本研究創作挑選了《我的英雄學院》與《鬼滅之刃》兩部日本英雄動漫作品內的人氣投票前三名角色進行分析,分析後的六位角色的九型人格性格都套用在本研究創作中的六位英雄角色上,設計上不論是故事或是服裝外型都以「臺灣文化」作為設計的中心元素。而後延伸運用了角色創作了短篇漫畫與射擊對話小遊戲,並架設網頁於網路上進行展示與設立回饋。 研究結果顯示九型人格能夠幫助在動漫的角色特質創作,還能夠使得故事設定更完善,漫畫與遊戲能夠透過網頁進行跨媒體動漫傳播,讓閱聽眾簡單與快速了解角色特質與故事世界觀設定。綜合上述,九型人格能夠應用在創作上,而臺灣的動漫跨媒體創作具有潛力的發展性,適合以此方向繼續延伸創作。
The Japanese anime culture has created a popular trend. The anime industry has not only affected Taiwan, but the anime works all over the world are deeply influenced by Japanese style. Among the many anime themes, the hero type is widely welcomed around the world, and the character is an important element in the creation of the anime. This study uses the Taiwanese culture as the background to create the character of anime heroes exclusively in Taiwan, and explores the characteristics of heroic characters in Japanese anime. The Enneagram analysis feature set is used to create characters, and further to create heroic characters in a trans-media manner. Related short comics, games and show on the web site. According to the literature discussion, it is possible to analyze the personality traits of the selected Japanese anime hero characters through the RHETI analysis system in the enneagram study. This research creation selected "My Hero Academia" and "Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba" The top three characters in the popular anime works of heroes are analyzed. After analysis are applied to the six hero characters in this research creation. Then extended the use of characters to create short comics and shooting dialogue mini-games, and set up a web page to display and establish feedback on the Internet. The research results show that the enneagram can help to create character in anime and complete its story setting. Comics and games can spread trans-media anime through web pages, allowing viewers to easily and quickly understand the characters and the setting of the story. Above of all, the enneagram can be applied to creation, and Taiwan's anime and trans-media creation has the potential for development, which is suitable to continue to extend the creation.
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