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Title: 女性向戀愛型手遊之可玩性影響玩家持續使用意願之研究
A Study of the Influence of Women’s Romance Mobile Games Playability on Players’ Continuous Usage
Authors: 劉立行
Liu, Li-Sing
Yang, Tzu-Hsien
Keywords: 女性向戀愛型手遊
Women’s Romance Mobile Game
Game Playability
Continuous Usage
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 近幾年女性向遊戲開始蓬勃發展,從起初的單機遊戲,拓展市場至手機平台,不少遊戲廠商都發行了女性向手遊,從統計資料也發現,女性在智慧型手遊中的比例高達82%(資策會,2015)。在遊戲百家爭鳴的階段,如何留住玩家是遊戲公司的第一要務,遊戲可玩性是製作遊戲的基本,過往研究也指出能夠影響玩家的持續使用意願,故本研究旨在探討女性向戀愛型手遊可玩性對玩家持續使用意願影響之情形。本研究使用問卷調查法,分析玩家對於女性向戀愛型手遊可玩性的重視程度與持續使用意願之情形,以敘述性統計、單因子變異數分析與皮爾森相關係數與迴歸分析所得資料,最後,根據研究所得之結論,分別給予女性向戀愛型手遊業者及後續研究者相關具體建議。茲將本研究重要發現分述如下: 一、 玩家最重視的女性向戀愛型手遊可玩性為「遊戲介面」與「遊戲故事」。 二、 女性向戀愛型手遊可玩性對玩家續使用意願有影響,其中以「遊戲故事」、「遊戲互動」與「遊戲介面」對持續使用意願的影響力最大。 三、 不同年齡玩家在女性向戀愛型手遊可玩性中的「遊戲機制」與「遊戲互動」有顯著差異;不同遊玩資歷的玩家對於女性向戀愛型手遊可玩性中的「遊戲故事」與持續使用意願方面有顯著差異。
In recent years, women's mobile games have witnessed booming development, extending the market from original single-player games to mobile platforms. By far, many game developers have released women's mobile games. Statistics showed that the proportion of female players in smartphone games reached up to 80.2% (MIC, 2015). In the context of high competition, how to retain players turns out to be the top priority for game companies. Game playability is the basis of game development and has been proved to influence players’ continuous usage. Based on the above, this study aims to explore the impact of women’s romance mobile games playability on continuous usage. With a questionnaire survey, this study attempts to analyze the importance attached to women’s romance mobile game playability by players and their continuous usage using descriptive statistics, single-factor variance analysis, Pearson's correlation coefficient, and regression analysis. Finally, based on the findings obtained, specific suggestions are put forward for women’s romance mobile game developers and follow-up researchers. The major findings of this study are summarized as follows: 1. “Game interface” and “game story” are the two playability elements in women’s romance mobile games that are valued most by players. 2. The playability of women's romance mobile games has an impact on continuous usage, and “game story”, “game play”, and “game interface” are the top three elements affecting players’ continuous usage. 3. For the playability of women’s romance mobile games, there are significant differences in “game mechanics” and “game play” among players of different ages; there are significant differences in “game story” and continuous usage among players with different play experience.
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