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Title: 國小學童桌上遊戲說故事圖卡設計之研究
Developing Story Game Cards for Elementary School Students
Authors: 王健華
Lee, Hong-Cih
Keywords: 說故事
story cards
graphics design
board game
user satisfication
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract:   諸多研究顯示學童透過說故事活動能增進口語表達以及邏輯思考,對於其它能力的發展亦有正面成效,因此鼓勵學童多參與說故事活動有其必要性。然而學童的專注力與學習興趣難以持續,本研究將說故事活動與圖像的特性結合,透過遊戲式學習的方式引起學童的學習動機,具體作法為引用適當之圖像改良設計一款桌上遊戲故事圖卡。設計的前置階段先探究相關文獻並梳理各項設計要點,以圖像傳達相關理論的角度將故事圖卡分為圖卡風格、圖卡種類與圖卡元素三種構面,使從外觀設計到內容規劃以及遊戲方式皆考量到學童之需求與喜好。為了解學童對於說故事圖卡桌上遊戲之滿意度狀況,本研究亦透過問卷調查以及回收學童心得反饋做為評量之依據,其結果顯示一、學童對於整體故事圖卡的改良設計滿意度高;二、遊戲方式之滿意度為各項最高,顯示學童喜好多人接龍的方式來說故事;以及三、學童喜歡和同儕一起創作故事的情節與內容,並認為參與說故事桌上遊戲對於說故事能力是有幫助的。根據上述結果,本研究並提出未來可延伸改良之建議,如風格多元性、尺寸適用性和圖像通用性;以及建議後續可再深入探討學童的使用狀況以及學習成效,以供相關研究者做進一步探討的方向。
Many studies show that students can improve their oral expression, logical thinking or other abilities through participating in storytelling activities; thus, encouraging students participating in storytelling activities has its significant necessity. However, students’ concentration and learning interests are difficult to maintain, so this study combines the features of storytelling and graphics to enhance students learning motivation through game-based learning. The practical approach of this study is to cite appropriate graphics and refine a set of story game cards of the board game.The reviews of related literature are probed at the pre-design stage. And according to pictogram communication theories, the story game cards are designed concerning three main facets: figure styles, event categories, and image identities. These facets are used as guidelines in designing appearance, content, and the game rules of the game cards. A questionnaire on user satisfaction was given after user experiencing process to understand students’ levels of satisfaction. The results indicated that 1) Students achieve high satisfaction with all designs of story cards, 2) The average score of the game mode is the highest, which shows that students like to play the add-on story game with teammates, and 3) Students like the plots and the contents of the story which they created with classmates. And students also agree that participating storytelling board game can improve their storytelling ability. According to the above results, some suggestions are provided for refining the story game cards, including the diversity of figure styles, the applicability of dimension, and the commonality of appearance. And future researchers can further explore students’ usage conditions and learning effects, as a reference for relevant research in the same field.
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