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Title: 以基於專利與商標探勘之競爭情報辨識新事業發展機會
Identifications of New Business Opportunities Based on Competitive Intelligence Being Derived from Patent and Trade Mark Mining Results
Authors: 黃啟祐
Huang, Chi-Yo
Lee, Dai-Rong
Keywords: 商業機會
Business opportunity
Patent mining
Magnetic bearing centrifugal compressor technology
Trade mark
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: 隨著技術的發展與全球化所造成的激烈競爭,企業必須尋找新的商機,以求持續成長,永續經營。辨識商機並不容易,過去,經理人透過個人經驗與公司內、外部資源收集資訊,進行判斷,對於後進廠商或者中小企業,由於經驗與資源之限制,經理人往往無法做出正確決策。近年來,由於各先進國家之專利與商標資料庫與資料探勘技術日益完善,專利與商標探勘成為辨識商機之新興技術。雖然部份學者提出基於優劣距離法(Technique for Order Preference by Similarity to an Ideal Solution,TOPSIS)與關聯規則分析之專利組合與商標探勘技術,唯優劣距離法與傳統關聯規則分析有其無法自圓其說之處、或準確率有待提昇,而如何同時兼顧多種評估準則,同時考量專利與商標探勘結果所揭露之機會,現有研究中極為少見,因此,本研究擬導入結合新型多準則分析模式之DNP-mV與約略集合方法(Rough Set),結合專利組合及商標探勘,辨識新的商機。本研究先依據專利探勘結果,依據餘弦相似度所建構之技術相似度指標以及由技術獲利、技術影響性、技術應用性、與技術競爭性四大指標所建構之技術能力指標,建構由技術相似度與技術能力指標所組成之專利組合,並選擇技術相似度高、技術能力佳之競爭廠商,為主要分析對象。於定義競爭廠商之後,並進而進行商標探勘,以商標相似性與具潛力應用兩大指標進行機會分析,探勘與競爭廠商相較下技術在落後領域競爭廠商之商標資料庫,以基於優勢關係的約略集合,探勘技術支持度高之應用,為目標廠商最具潛力之機會。本研究將以我國冷凍空調廠商為實證研究對象,分析磁浮離心式壓縮機之專利及商標組合,並探討商機。研究結果將被用來分析企業進入市場獲得的經濟價值以及傳遞給客戶的技術價值的決策標準。
With the development of technology and the fierce competition caused by globalization, enterprises must look for new business opportunities in order to sustainable growth and operation. It is not easy to identify business opportuni-ties. In the past, managers collected information, made judgments through personal experience, internal and external resources of the company. In recent years, due to the improvement of patent and trade mark database and data mining technology in advanced countries, patent and trade mark mining has become a new technology to identify business opportunities. Although some of scholars put forward based on the Technique for Order Preference by Similar-ity to an Ideal Solution(TOPSIS), association rules mining with patents and trade marks mining technology, but the combination of TOPSIS and the asso-ciation rules mining have been controversial and the accuracy need to be promoted. The existing research about how to simultaneously consider the multiple criteria, and identify the opportunity after patent and trade mark mining is rare. Therefore, the purpose of this study is using Rough Set, DNP, VIKOR with patent portfolio and trade mark mining to identify new business opportunities. Based on the results of patent mining, this study firstly constructs technical similarity indicators based on cosine similarity and technical capa-bility indicators constructed by four major indicators: technology profitability, technology impact, technology applicability, and technology competiveness. A combination of technical similarity and technical capability indicators, and select competitors with high technical similarity and good technical capabilities as the main analysis object. After defining the competitors, and then conducting trade mark mining, the two major indicators of trade mark similarity and po-tential application are used for opportunity analysis. Afterwards mining the trade mark database of competitors which compared with the other, in techni-cally backward areas. Then using Rough Set method to identify the high tech-nical support applications which are the most potential opportunities for target manufacturers. This study will analyze the patent and trade mark combination of magnetic bearing centrifugal compressor and identify the business opportu-nities. The research results will be used to analyze the decision-making criteria for the economic value obtained by enterprises entering the market and the technical value delivered to customers.
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