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Title: 使用即時回饋系統輔助學習之學習投入及學習滿意度相關性因素研究
The Relevance Factor of Student Engagement and Learning Satisfaction by Using IRS to Assist Learning
Authors: 李景峰
Li, Jing-Feng
SHIH, Yi-Siang
Keywords: 即時回饋系統
IRS system
learning self-efficacy
cognitive load
unility value
student engagement
learning satisfaction
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討使用即時回饋系統輔助學習下之學習投入與學習滿意度之相關因素。本研究針對使用即時回饋系統輔助學習的大專通識課學生進行問卷調查,共回收296份問卷,剔除無效問卷後共222份有效問卷。 經過路徑分析結果顯示學習自我效能對認知負荷有顯著負相關;學習自我效能對實用性價值有顯著正相關;認知負荷對實用性價值有顯著負相關;實用性價值對學習投入及學習滿意度有正相關;認知負荷對學習滿意度有正相關。 經過差異分析結果顯示不同性別在學習滿意度上有顯著差異,其餘變項的部分則沒有統計上的顯著差異;不同年級別及不同學院別在各構面皆未達到統計上的顯著差異水準。
This study aims to explore the factors related to learning input and learning satisfaction using the IRS system to assist learning. This study conducted a questionnaire survey on college students who used the IRS system to assist in the study. A total of 296 questionnaires were collected, and 222 valid questionnaires were excluded after the invalid questionnaires were excluded. Path analysis results show that learning self-efficacy has a significant negative correlation with cognitive load; learning self-efficacy has a significant positive correlation with unility value; cognitive load has a significant negative correlation with unility value; unility value has student engagement and learning satisfaction positive correlation; cognitive load has a positive correlation with learning satisfaction. The results of the difference analysis showed that there were significant differences in learning satisfaction between different genders, and there were no statistically significant differences in the remaining variables. Different grades and different colleges did not reach statistically significant differences in each facet.
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