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Title: 人工智慧創新應用之研究
A Study on Innovation Applications of Artificial Intelligence
Authors: 蘇友珊
Su, Yu-Shan
CHANG, Kuan-Chun
Keywords: 人工智慧
Artificial Intelligence
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 人工智慧在近年造成了廣泛的討論,研究指出下個產業革命就是人 工智慧的應用,當然台灣產業也會面臨新的挑戰,本研究對人工智慧創新應用作探討,並且整理出目前最新的應用,透過文獻整理出構面並且設計問卷,使用層級分析法AHP與決策分析法DEMATEL作為研究方法,讓企業與政府知道最新的人工智慧應用。 本研究透過文獻整理與學者的研究,發展出五大構面與其二十五個構面因子,針對人工智慧應用面作出探討,分析出未來可能的技術發展與暸解目前的最新趨勢,以利大眾在趨勢變化中擁有競爭力與快速回應挑戰。 本研究結果得知五大構面發展順序為:(1)智慧城市;(2)智慧交通;(3)智慧金融;(4)智慧生活;(5)智慧製造等。五大構面下的準則順序為:(1)智慧治理;(2)智慧公車;(3)智慧安全;(4)智慧工廠;(5)智慧醫療。
Artificial Intelligence has recently ignited much extensive discussions. This study highlights the future steps of industrial revolution in its application of Artificial Intelligence. Inevitably, Taiwan’s industry will also face new challenges to come. This study explores the application of Artificial Intelligence innovation, discover the latest applications, and organize facets through literature and design questionnaires. The use of Analytic Hierarchy Process, (AHP), as well as Decision Making Trial and Evaluation Laboratory, (DEMATEL), are research methods implemented. This provides enterprises and governments much awareness of the latest Artificial Intelligence applications. The material compiled from this study, is based on literature review as well as scholar research. In the process, five major facets and twenty-five facet factors were developed to discuss the application of Artificial Intelligence, analyze possible technical developments, and understand the latest trends. These processes allow people to be competitive and respond to challenges as rapidly as the changing of trends. According to the results of this study, the development order of the five major aspects is as follows: Smart City, Intelligent Transportation, Smart Finance, Smart Life, and Smart Manufacturing. Subsequently, the order of criteria under the five aspects is as follows: Smart Governance, Smart Bus, Smart Security, Smart Factory, and Smart Healthcare.
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