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Title: 正向心態、成就動機對工作投入、生涯發展信心的相關研究-以科技業研發人員為例
Positive Affect and Achievement Motivation Influence Job Engagement on Career Commitment- Science and Technology Industry R& D workers
Authors: 洪榮昭
Keywords: 正向心態
Positive Affect
Achievement Motivation
Job engagement
Career Commitment
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: 在高技術產業的競爭激烈的環境,研發人員的工作投入和生涯的承諾是保持和提升競爭力非常必要也涉及到個人特質,本研究基於個人與組織的適配度,主要探討科技業研發人員的正向心態和成就動機與其在本職工作的投入參與和職業承諾。問卷發放在兩間科技業公司的臺北總部,共計發出400份,扣除填答遺漏缺失者及無效問卷14份,計有回收386份有效問卷,透過驗證性因素與結構方程建模分析。驗證本研究以下研究結論: 一、科技業研發人員正向心態、成就動機及工作投入的三種類型(心智、情感、行為)和生涯發展信心的程度高於平均水平 二、科技業研發人員的正向心態和成就動機的呈正相關,影響三種工作投入的類型 三、科技業研發人員的三種工作投入的類型與生涯發展信心呈正相關 根據以上結果本研究歸納如下幾點建議提供最為後續研究參考: 一、對科技業研發人員的建議 二、對科技業領導管理者的建議 三、對後續研究的建議
In highly competitive environment of high technology industry, the job engagement and career commitment of R&D workers are very essential to maintain and promote the competitive strength. To understand this issue related to individual traits, this study based on person-organizaiton fit theory to mainly explore how the positive affect and achievement motivation related to their job engagement and career commitment of R&D personnels in the science and technology industry. Questionnaires were distributed the use of online email of R &D workers in two ODM (original design manufacturer) companies located at northern Taipei. In total, 400 copies were returned, and 14 invalid questionnaires were deleted. Data of 386 validated the analysis of confirmatory factor with structure equation modeling. The results of this study revealed that: The level of positive affect, avhievement motivation, three typs of job engagement (i.e., behavioral, emotional, and cognitive engagement), and career commitment of R&D personnels in the science and technology industry were all above the average.Positive affect and avhievement motivation of R&D personnels were positively related to their three types of job engagement in the science and technology industry.Three types of job enagement of R&D personnels were positively related to their career commitment. Finally, according to the results of this study, the implication showed that managers of R&D divisions can select those employees with high level of positiveaffect or achievement motivation to ensure them will work longer in relation to R&D job.
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